Low Dose Aspirin In Pregnancy

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barb777 - November 4

Found this site using google for baby aspirin in pregnancy and looking for others experiences. I am 37 and currently pregnant with my first. However this is not my first pregnancy. I have already had two miscarriages this year and after the last one and much googling asked my gp about antiphospholipid testing, he just said I dont know enough about it. The consultant I saw at the hospital also brushed it aside saying we only investigate after three miscarriages. While I realise I could have seeked a second opinion I am in the UK where we are lucky enough to get free treatment, I would have had to pay and I suspect the advice would have been similar. I was also told to wait three months before trying again, 'to allow myself time to heal emotionally,' I decided to ignore this as there was no medical reason not to try straight away. Two weeks after my miscarriage I ovulated and started folic acid and baby aspirin. 10 days later I got a positive pregnancy test. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant (my previous losses were 7 and 5 weeks) and now wondering when others who have taken aspirin stopped taking it. I am aware this post may provoke controversy as my decision is without medical advice. Thank you for your opinions


thebidwellcrew - November 4

Although I had 4 sucessful and problem free pregnancies, following my fourth child I had 1 stillbirth (20 weeks) and 2 unexplained early miscarriages. Although I was offered testing after the 2nd loss we opted not to. However after the 3rd loss we decided to go ahead with it. Nothing was found to be wrong and I was specifically tested for clotting disorders. When I got pregnant again my OB decided to have me take low dose aspirin just in case, as well as progesterone. I took both until about 14 or 15 weeks. The only problem with you is that you don't know if you have a clotting disorder since the drs won't test you yet. If you did then you would probably take the aspririn the entire pregnancy. As one of my friends did after she'd had a still born at full term and subsequent testing revealed a clotting disorder. The problem with taking aspirin, especially without a known clotting disorder is that it thins your blood and makes you more prone to uncontrolled bleeding. This could be a huge problem if you are taking it close to delivery. Or if you have any problems during pregnancy like placenta previa or placental abruption. Even if you are not doing this on medical advice it would be in yours and your baby's best interest that you let your dr know what you are doing so they can monitor any possible side effects or problems. Good luck and I hope that all goes well for you!



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