Low Hcg Level And Successful Pregnancy

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Kris - April 25

Has anyone here ever had a low HCG level and gone on to a successful pregnancy. I had a blood test on the 22nd. I'm not sure when I ovulated b/c I'm not regular, but the last s_x was on the 10th. Anyway, the blood text came back with a level of 8. The Dr. said it was not a viable pregnancy. He didn't even ask when I thought I might have conceived. Anyone been in the same boat? I get results from a second test tomorrow for comparison of levels. I'm hoping the test was just done VERY early


karen - April 25

I had a friend who had to take three pregnancy tests before a postive one . She went on to have a beatiful baby boy. Good luck. I think that you may be a little young in your pregnancy.


jena - April 25

kris, unfortunately, i have tons of experience in this area! fortunately, i am now 8 weeks along with twins and doing great. my first blood test came back with a level of 2. my doctor was persistant and said that although it was probably a negative, they wanted to test again in two days. in two days it was a 12. so they were interested that it had gone up so dramatically and said i must have JUST gotten pregnant. i said that wasn't really possible since by then i was nine days late for af! but five days later i was 216, then two days after that 549, and then five days after that, in the 11,000's. since sperm can live in you for up to 5 days and you could have ovulated late, i would hope that you too, JUST got pregnant and that's why your levels are low. don't let your doctor just tell you after one test that you don't have a viable pregnancy, because if mine hadn't retested i'd be really confused right now! good luck and let us know how your second test goes!


Kris - April 25

Thanks so much for the uplifting note. I think I'm ready to fire the doctor I saw. My doctor for five years has retired, and this is the other doc in the pracitce. I'm frustrated b/c he just walked in today and said, "the count is at 8, so I don't think it's a tubal, and I don't think it's a viable pregnancy" I was shocked and was taken aback. He was so matter of fact about it. The whole reason I was getting tested so early was my last pregancy ended up being a ruptured tubal. I don't want to loose my other tube!! When they call tomorrow with my new numbers, I think I'll insist on an ultrasound any way to rule out the tubal.


jena - April 25

ouch - with your history you need and deserve someone with a lot more compa__sion. that's not someone i'd want caring for me through my pregnancy - i think you deserve a human doctor :)


Vans - April 26

Hi Kris, I am 11 days late for my period and Im sure Im pregnant, but my urine test showed up -ve, and the Gyn said it could be low hormone levels or HCG I always had my periods regualar what could it be Am I pregnant?????


Kris - April 26

Vans, I would wait three days between home preg tests and see what happens. The difference between the one I took on the 22nd (line was almost invisible) and the one I took on the 25th is huge. Also, if in doubt make an appt for a blood test at the doc. My problem is, I have PCOS which means I am VERY irregular. It's hard to know when/or if I ovulate.


kris - April 26

Great news from my doc!! My HCG level came back and I've gone from 8 on Friday to 42 as of yesterday! Doc says its just too early to tell much. He says implantation was less than a week ago. I'll keep you all posted


jena - April 26

congrats, Kris! I'm so happy for you!


Kris - May 2

Just as an update. My latest HCG level is 179 on the 1st. I'm still on track, but have begun spotting. Next blood draw will be tomorrow. Hoping for 300+


Kris - May 5

Bad news. new numbers are 222. should have been 300+


jena - May 5

thanks for keeping us updated. so were the two blood tests 48 hours apart? don't give up hope - crazier things have happened before!


kris - May 6

Well, It looks like another ectopic pregnancy. I go in tomorrow for a methotrexate shot.



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