Low Hcg Levels

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adelia - September 1

I was 3 1/2 weeks post ovulation/conception and my levels were only 343...I freaked thinking the worst cause I expected higher. (I have miscarried once before and know a little about hcg levels) the next day I just expected them to be falling but were 372...then 2 1/2 days later they were 558 not doubling but almost. I'm prepared for the worst but is there hope? We are rechecking in 2 days...i'ts 4 weeks post ovulation today...this number seems low, anyone know of similar numbers with any advice?


Claudia - August 31

Yes, you should have alot of hope. You should read all the posts under "Need Some Support........" and that might make you feel better about your situation. I think you are doing fine.


adelia - August 31

Thank you for writing back...I am getting my levels checked again tomorrow and will let you know what they are. It means a lot that you read my plea and gave me something back...it helped. :)


Kim - August 31

I think 343 sounds just fine. I think there is a little paranoia invovled because of your prior miscarriage, which I completely understand since I also had a miscarriage. I am now 6 weeks pregnant, but my HCG 17 dpo was 1,000 and I was freaking out because I thought it was too high. Doctor said it fell within normal limits. It appears that women can double anywhere between 36-72 hours. I think we get ourselves worked up before there's something really to worry about. Good luck and try to relax!


adelia - September 1

things don't look so good....my numbers were only 740 today and I have started bleeding a little with some pressure in my lowere abdomen. U/S saw nothing...but he said the numbers are to low to see anything anyway and we will recheck friday...I'm prepared for a D&C but is there really hope?


Clara - September 1

There is always room to hope. You have not miscarried yet. I had a miscarriage and it did not require a d & C so if you do miscarry I would really check into whether or not a d & c is necessary. From what I hear if you don't need one, you don't want one.


Melissa - September 1

Hi. How many weeks are you, from your last mentrual period? I posted HCG level information under "need some support" post. The weeks gestation are in ( ) and the appropriate levels follow. Do not get a D & C until you are without a doubt sure that the pregnancy is not viable. Good luck and keep up posted!


adelia - September 1

I had a positive ovulation test on Aug 1 so we gave it a shot that night. That was 4 weeks ago. My levels are 740 and today I started bleeding, although bright red not a lot. I also have a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen :( The U/S today did not show anything...nothing in my tubes or any gestational sac but he said it was to early anyway....if I had not started bleeding I think I would have had more hope



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