Low Placenta Anyone

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Joanna - November 12

I went to the docs today and she told me i have a low placenta.She didn't seem worried should I be ?


laura noe - November 21

I went to the doctor and she told me i have a low placenta. she told me not to worry it was normal. should i be worried?


Christine - November 22

Do a search on Placenta Previa...it depends on what type you have but worrying doesnt help...I have a marginal pevia...low lying but not covering the cervix...a full pp is a definate c section...good luck and look it up there is a lot of helpfull info on the net on this subject...


E - November 22

I have a complete previa, according to my records. I was told there is a small chance of a c-section as it should move by the end of my pregnancy. No s_x allowed.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 22

me too...it should naturally move upwards and cause no problems...we have been discussing the having s_x thing.. I haven't felt like it since we conceived....LOL....we just keep ryaing every day whenever we can that God will take care of everything....


laura noe - November 22

it seems like having a low placenta is a horriable thing. my doctor told me that i should not worry about it. it will work it self up. and would be fine. what do you mean by what type you have?she did not say anything about a c-section! this is my thrid child and i didn't have c-sections with them. i'm carring my baby low.


Christine - November 23

I guess I should have added more to my post...E is right in saying that the placenta can move before you go into labor and then everything will be normal but if it does not then you have to have a c section...A placenta previa is when the placenta covers the cervix...so the placenta would be delivered before the baby..this could cause a lot of problems including life threatening hemorrage(sp)...there are different types of previas depending on how much the placenta is covering the cervix, or how close the placenta is lying to your cervix...there is full pp, partial pp, low lying pp, and marginal pp...or at least those are the ones that I have seen while researching...good luck ladies


Angie - November 28

I am 20 weeks pregnant. When I was 11 weeks they told me the same but my doctor wasn't concerned. He said it was too early and that the placenta would most likely rise as my uterus expanded. 4 weeks later they did another ultrasound and told me I had complete placenta previa (placenta completely covering cervix) which was concidered a high risk pregnancy. I was told the chances of it correcting itself were slim because it was completely covering. Last week I went to check up on it and my placenta was no where near the cervix, it had raised right up out of the way! So try not to worry about it. This is my third pregnancy and I've found that a lot of things detected early on in pregnancy correct themselves on their own before the baby is born and in turn just cause a lot of worry and stress for nothing.


laura noe - November 28

thanks for your information. I read up on it and it does not sound like the same thing your talking about. I have no signs of placenta previa. so i'm not worring about it until my doctor says other wise. thanks!



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