Low Progesterone Please Read

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JLynn - December 9

I'm 9 weeks pregnant.I went for a blood test to check my progesterone levels because I thought I should've been farther along than that.But it came back that my levels were low.They put me on prometrium..a progesterone pill to help sustain the pregnancy.I was just wondering if anybody knows what causes this? Or if anybody has had the same problem and if they actually didn't have a miscarriage.It seems like most people end up losing the baby when they're levels are low.I'm really worried about it.I'm waiting on the next bloodwork to come back.Please comment if you have any info that could help.Thanks in advance. :-)


Kim - December 9

I was put on progesterone supplements at 5 weeks because my level dropped from 13 to 7 in just a couple days. I too was very worried, but I am now at 20 weeks and am doing great! I was taken off the progesterone at 12 weeks. I was scared to go off it but the dr said that some women just don't produced the progesterone on their own but by that time the placenta will have taken over. I have read that many women have this problem, it is more common than you think. Don't worry too much and just take the supplements. Good luck!


Jlynn - December 10

Thanks... Do you know if it will happen with every pregnancy I have if it happens once?


Reb - December 15

JLynn, how low are your numbers? Just so you know, I had a progesterone of 9.8, and my doctor wanted it at 10 or higher when I was about 5 wks. My hcg was also very low and did not double. I lost that pregnancy at 6.5 weeks. That was last may. I am now 21 weeks with my second pregnancy, and it started out with a 5 wk prog number of 9.8. My hcg, however, was twice what is was in my first preg at the same stage, and it kept doubling. Instead of pills, my doc put me on v____al suppositories in both pregs. I was on them til 12 weeks, and then off, and all has gone well since. I actually found this site at that time. I really recommend you go look under Possible Complications/Low Progesterone. The last post there may be old, but there is a long string of very supportive posts there. By the way, one thing I did learn is that once you make it to 12-14 weeks, the progesterone levels are not a problem. The placenta is supposed to take over by then, so the mother's levels are not so important. Good luck and I wish you the best.


Gwen - December 29

I wonder if it seems that low progesterone leads to miscarriage b/c those are the ones you hear about...with my first pregnancy, I had low progesterone (9.8 at 6 weeks), and was on the suppositories for a few weeks and all went well. However, my HCG numbers were fine all the way. My doctor was so casual about the progesterone that I didn't even look it up last time. Now I'm online looking it up b/c I am pregnant again, and again have low levels, and I think there is more concern now b/c they actually dropped (while HCG rose) between the two tests. So, take that for what it's worth that not all low progesterone pregnancies end in miscarriage. I had a huge, healthy, wonderful baby despite all that! Good luck!



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