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justinsgirl922 - May 10

Hi all... I am new to this, and I have a few things I would like to ask, and maybe someone has some answers... :) I found out I was pregnant May 9th. I took a ovidrul shot thurs april 24th and had my iui the 26th. I had blood work done on may 9th and they said it showed I was pregnant my hcg unit was 13, and my progestrone is at 8.9 or 8.3.. The dr said it could be early to have done the test. I have no clue how many weeks I am or even days.. But they put me on petrium va___al pills to boost up my progestrone.. Please excuse the spelling.. My peroid is due the 12th of May. Does blood test lie? I even went and got a ept..lol.. That came back positive.. So if anyone has any answers please drop me a line.. Thanks..


schar - May 10

blood tests are 100% effective so yes your pregnant are you saying your 13dpo?? cause they usually do the iui on the day you ovulate or the day before so you should be 12-13dpo so your hcg is a bit low you should have another test 48hours later which would be may 11th or in your case I guess monday to check yourself to see if they are doubling go get a digital test cause you have to be further along to get those ones to come up positive go to pee on a stick dot com the digital are better cause the regular tests can vary in sensitivity good luck!


justinsgirl922 - May 11

Hi schar. I have no clue what the dpo stands for..lo.. But the dr said that my hcg is 13... I haven't even missed my this months period yet, its supposed to be the 12 of this month.. I took an ept test tonight and that too came positive.. I have read so much on fertlilty causing miscarriages, I took clomid and then the shot, and then I had my iui.. I get scared cuz I did have a stillborn at 37 weeks, and it has been two years since I have gotten pregnant, but the problem wasn't me, it was my husband which he had cancer and he had to do a stem cell, so they had to bank his sperm and then me to take these fertlilty pills cause we only had a number of sperm viles. Plus I had my progestrone checked last week and it was 12.3 now it went to 8.9.. So idk what is going on..


Teddyfinch - May 11

it sounds pretty good because if on the 9th, your hcg was 13 and then you took a test today and it was positive, most of those tests don't read under levels of 25 so then your levels sound like they're going up pretty well. oh and if your progesterone is going down, your body is preparing for a period, so you need to get more potent progesterone to help boost those levels. and dpo - days past ovulation.


justinsgirl922 - May 11

Thanks Teddyfinch.. You girls are great... Yes I am taking these pills v____ally to boost up the progestrone.. I get nervous, cuz after reading things on the internet gets me scared.. I do have a dr's apt monday, there going to check my levels my progertsone and give me a urine test.. So hopefully it will all be good.


MelissaP - May 11

Congratulations Justinsgirl! Blood tests dont lie...so you are pregnant, especially with a positive ept as well =). Hope everything works out, I am sure you will be fine and I will be praying your pregnancy is healthy! =)



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