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ll - February 16

Hello, yesterday I was starving and all I could think of was a smoked turkey sandwich with roasted red pepper sauce from Quizno's! I had heard that it's not the best selection for preggo's but was unsure what could be that bad! Well, now I've been doing my reading on Listeria and have freaked myself out, what if Quizno's didn't keep their meat refrigerated well enough, and could the toasty oven heat the meat enough? Now I freaked myself out, I'm nine weeks, do you think I'm alright? What are the statistics, how many women actually get it? I know a lot of women don't find out they're prego until almost two months, what about them?


tara - February 16

I don't think you have anything to worry about. If you were to be pa__sing listeria to your baby you would also be feeling the symptoms which in most cases is flue like symptoms and upset stomach. The chances of you getting listeria while pregnant is the same as when you are not pregnant. It's suggested not to have lunch meat in order to limit the chances as much as possible. So as long as you had the sandwich and you are feeling fine then don't worry about a thing.


Leahp - February 16

Thanks Tara, The only confusing thing to me is that with this nausea and headaches due to being pregnant I don't know if I would be able to differentiate!! Do you think the symptoms would kick in that soon, I read it takes 2-17 days.


tara - February 16

I don't think the symptoms should take that long to hit unless the symptoms start when the listeria hits your blood stream. I mean to get food poisoning it only takes hours...not days. But I'm not sure what the answer to that question is. But I do know that as long as you ate at a Quiznos you will be fine because they say to heat up the meat to a steaming point...which quiznos does. If I read anything else on this topic I will let you know.



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