Lunch Meat

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AJ - September 14

Is lunch meat safe to eat during pregnancy??? I don't eat it all the time, but i was told to try and stay away from it. Has anyone heard the same thing??? HELP Thanks


April - September 14

Bizarre but honeslty I heard that Salami is bad for you while pregnant. Dumb dumb dumb if u ask me. There are so many things that they say u can or cannot eat. I dont listen to it, I carry on my life as normal. Its completely up to you. I have heard of many people not taking any pre-cautions and the baby came out fine. My mom drank caffeine thru her entire pregnancy AND smoked.. and Im fine.. I think you should ask your Obgyn see what they say..


cakes* - September 14

It is bad because it is a processed food and all processed foods are high in sodium which makes you retain water and can cause puffyness


brucen - September 15

Lunch meats, hot dogs, and deli meats may contain bacteria called listeria that are harmful to unborn babies. Cooking lunch meats, hot dogs, and deli meats until steaming hot can kill the bacteria and make these meats safe to eat. Listeria can cause flu-like symptoms -- fever, vomiting and/or aches and pains -- in pregnant women. For the baby, it can cause stillbirth or miscarriage.


AJ - September 15

Thought so...thanks


Heather - September 15

All meat is bad for you all the time. Eat Tofu or Beans for protein.


april - September 15

My mother in-law has been cooking the CRAP out of the meat SHE would feed me. She said it was important to do this because of the bacteria in the meat.


Anon - September 15

I think there is to much stuff going on, its all dont eat this dont eat that. Some of it is soo beyond a joke. Think back years ago do you really think that there was al this stuff of do's and donts.


brucen - September 15

anon: Probably not, but compare infant mortality rates from then to now.


brittani - February 28

yes it is ok to eat lunchmeat i'm a R.N but you have any more question e-mail me @ [email protected]



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