Lying On Your Tummy Whilst Pregnant

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Shona - February 24

Is it dangerous to lye on your tummy whilst you are pregnant? I am 17 weeks pregnant. I used to find this position really comfy before I was pregnant but have not tried it since becoming pregnant. Silly question but what do you all think?


rose - February 24

i used to do it and if you put your knee up beside you it kind of props you up...i found it very comfortable(it was one of the few ways i could sleep!)


P - February 24

As far as I know you can sleep any way you like as long as it's compfortable. Some will caution against sleeping flat on your back because it may put pressure on a major artery called the vena cava(?) but even if this is the case you will know it before it harms either you or the baby. You're supposed to feel nauseous if you are. Be comfortable now while you can!


PP - February 24

My tummy was my only good sleeping position and now well lets just add that to my poo poo from pregnancy. Doesn't it feel like you are laying on a ball???? I try and try but I feel like there is a volleyball where the baby is. By the way I am 19 weeks and barely showing.


Shona - February 24

Thanks for all your advice - get a good sleep 2night! Thanks and good luck to you all. x


tara - February 24

I'm also 17 weeks and sleep on my tummy some of the's not always comfortable but most of the time. I also ge my messages lying on my tummy, but I know in a couple of weeks that will have to long as you are comfortable you will be fine...sleep tight to night :o)


tiffani - February 24

tara~ You can still get ma__sages, just ask for the maternity table. (it has a cut out for your belly)


tara - February 25

oops...I meant stop lying on my stomatch :o) My message therapist said he has a maternity table on order, but if it doesn't arrive on time I'd have to lye on my side for the messages. Hopefully the table will be in by then :o)


ashley - February 26

theres a chance that imay be pregnant.. im not sure.. i had s_x on the 21st of january 2005... and its not 36 days after my last period.. and i jus started bleeding a vry lil bit... it started off too b a brownish red then it got heaviere and a lil redder to where i had to wear a pad.. but im not sure if im preggoo or not.. but the one way i cud sleep was on my tummy and i cant fall aslleep on my tummy or my side ne more



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