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Dez - January 27

Hey ladies just checkin in to say hi and see how everything is going. I havent been on much now that the baby is sleeping less and requires more attention :) Also working! I wanted to share with you my updated pics. And we also added a home movie to her website, so if your bored you can check it out. www.ourlittleangel.piczo.com m have you got your website together? KM how is the little man? E-So I read your starting to get pretty uncomfortable, Im sorry I remember those days, lol.


E - January 27

Dez, that hair!!!! Oh my god. She is so cute!!!! I had a huge grin on my face while watching the movie. Love the pics of Anastacia on daddys chest. --- I am uncomfortable for sure. I am going to post a question about contractions to all of the ladies. I hope you will answer and give me some insight. I thought I was going into labor last night. Take care of your little angel:)


w - January 27

I'm sorry to b___t in Dez but ur baby is fab! I cant belive how big and strong she has grown! I'm quite shicked at how fast they do grow, i just want them to stay small so i can dress them up everyday in cute outfits LOL! How old is teh baby now and u r a strong goin back to work so quickly i am goint o have a whole yr off!!! very nice indeed!! Good Luck x


w - January 27

Oh ye i just stole sum ideas from your nursery too LOL!


tiffani - January 27

What a great looking family! I love how you are just such a proud mommy. She is such a beautiful little girl, and that hair, my goodness, my daughter didn't have that much hair until she was about 18 months! Congratulations again on such a sweet little girl. :o)


KM - January 27

aww cute!!!! :) My little guy is good! hes getting so big, he smiles and laughs all the time now.He had thrush a cpl wks ago so he was kind of whiney, im glad thats all over lol.poor thing


Dez - January 27

hey w, its ok if you b___t in, lol good luck with the nursery, it was all nice and clean at first, but now there is so much stuff it gets cluttered and I dont know what to do with it.. she is almost 9 weeks. And about the work thing I thought I was gonna wanna stay home longer, but I am glad to go back it gives me a little break (wink, wink) plus I only work 3 days a week, so its not too bad. KM I know that fussiness can drive a person crazy sometimes, lol. She was really fussy after we got her two month shots. tiff and E I can already put her hair in little rubberbands and barrettes.


m - January 27



KM - January 28

the barettes and bows are way too cute lol. my next baby (not anytime soon haha) better be a girl! lol Aaron was so good with his shots. he fussed when he got them but as soon as I cuddled him he stopped. and he was good after..i just gave him infants tylenol every 5 hrs for the first 24 hrs after. I also gave him a little bit before he got his shots.


m - February 1

Hey Dez! That video is tooooo cute!! I love it when Daddy is drying her hair and his fingers are squeezing her cheeks together. That is so adorable! And the picture of her in the tub with the "this is way freaky" caption. OMG!! That is one of those pictures you see in a magazine that seems too cute to be real! I'm so d__n lazy I haven't added pictures to my site yet. Since life is calming down a little, I'll make time for that. And as soon as I get some pics on there, I'll let you guys know!


Dez - February 1

lol thanks m, cant wait to see your pics. she is driving me crazy, lol.



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