Maddie Are You Okay

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Jenn - June 1

I was just wondering how you made out with the whole pineapple thing. I felt really bad that you were in pain.


Maddie - June 1

Thanks Jen...bad news...the pain is getting worse. =*( I really don't know what it is from but I go to the doc tomorrow, so I'll ask her. It's to the point now that it's some type of jaw pain and I can't open my jaw all the way! It sucks not being able to eat comfortably...especially in my 38th week. *SoB* I really think I may have gotten one of those brown "eye" thingies up into my wisdom teeth, and it caused an infection. I just can't imagine going into labor with such pain in my jaw. I'll let you know what my doctor says tomorrow about the fact that I can't open my jaw. Thanks so much for the concern...I have been trying to find info online to see what it might be. Maybe the acid from the pineapple opened up the gums covering my wisdom teeth as well, causing irritation and swelling. I don't know but it hurts to eat... =*( which is SO not fun! Thanks again...


JennB - June 1

Maddie I researched this a bit. I found something called oral allergy syndrome. It causes pain and swelling in the mouth and throat. People can be allergic to fresh fruit when they dont have a reaction to it when it is canned or cooked. Pineapple was one of the things on the list that people are often allergic to. Hopefully your doctor will be able to help. Good luck. Being 38 weeks pregnant is uncomfortable enough without this c___p.


JenniferB - June 2

How did you make out?


P - June 2

If it was a fruit allergy Benadryl should help. On another posting an RN said it was safe to take so maybe your doctor will ok it.


Maddie - June 3

I swear it seems like right after I ate that EVIL pineapple, my wisdom teeth started hurting. It seems like the acid opened up the gums, or created sores or something...hurts so bad to open jaw. But, I went to the doc, and she looked at my throat and said I have an infection...strep throat...and gave me antibiotics. I really hope these will help. The pain is constant...I wish this pain on NOBODY! Not even my worst enemy (even though I don't have one, hehe). Does anyone know how fast antibiotics work? I'm getting sad cause I can't open my mouth barely! =*(


JennB - June 3

Wow, really? Strep throat? It seems wierd that it would come on so fast like that. Antibiotics usually start making a difference within 48 hours. Well Maddie, there is one good thing. The antibiotics will absolutely not interfere with your birth control. :0) I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I hope you feel better soon.


Maddie - June 3

Thanks Jen. I'm pretty tough...good to know the antibiotics will be kicking in soon...and I good point...don't need to worry about the antibiotics interfering! =) How far along are you?


JennB - June 3

Actually, I am not pregnant. I was convinced that I was and after a few negative tests I am still not unconvinced. I need surgery for something else so it is probably best that I am not so I don't have to put off the surgery. I want one more though. I am 34 and my husband is turning 40 this weekend so I feel like the clock is ticking. I would love to have a little girl. If I have another boy I will be happy too though. I will just need to accept the fact that I will never be able to use the bathroom again without putting the seat down.


Maddie - June 3

=0) Good luck Jen. I pray that you get that little girl you're hoping for. I'm sure your boy is as precious as can be though...I admit, when I found out I was having a boy I was slightly disappointed. Just because all those pink and purple girly clothes in Target and Babies R Us are so d__n cute! I'm really happy though...I hear a lot of women that have boys say they're the best anyway... easier to take care of. I wish you the best!


JennB - June 3

Thanks. My boy is beautiful. I love him more than I ever thought that I could love anyone. He has red hair and hazel eyes and has a personality that keeps us all laughing. Little boys are wonderful. I think every woman hopes for one little girl. :0) Congratulations and I hope everything goes well.



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