Madonna Is Trying To Conceive At 46

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Jo - May 15

I got bored with the Britney thing, so I thought I'd start a new pointless celebrity thread. Madonna has imported special pills from India to increase her fertility because she's desperate for another baby at 46. Too old? Comments good or bad?


Jo - May 15

Well! I guess everyone loves Madonna.


Julie - May 16

Who cares?


Heidi - May 16

Not me. I could care less. If she can't have one she'll just buy one anyway. Then write a book about it and make even more money. LOL!


what - May 16

who cares this has nothing to do with support and pregnancy!


monica - May 16

I just dont like her..


angel - May 16

I think 46 is too old. It is high risk at 35. Why risk it to the baby and yourself. Some women wait too long to have a baby. Sorry, I just feel this way.


April - May 16

hey "what"... what do you mean this has nothing to do with pregnancy? She's trying to concieve at 46 years old... concieve = trying to get pregnant... i think that has something to do with pregnancy... anyway.. I think that's too old.. Don't children born to women above a certain age have a lot of problems? (physically/mentally) Like they're more suseptable to down syndrome or something?


Heidi - May 16

She's just jumping on the hollywood bandwagen. She'll probably name her kid Candy Cane or something lame like that. LOL!!!!!!!!!!


Karen - May 17

Ok I like Madonna but I think that 46 is a bit old to be having another child. Was she not in her late thirties with her first one. I thought that was really old. I told myself that if none had come by 25 I was not having any, .......three years later here I am. I feel that I am kinda old now much less 46. Lets see when I am 46 my child will be 18 and hopefully starting college so I will have another 4-5 years of support to take care off. There goes early retirement. HAHA I guess people like Madonna dont have to worry about that. Good luck to her and hers. !!!!


Mary - May 17

I am 36 having my first and I want to have a second, too. I know women that had kids at 41 and 42 and their children has kept them young feeling and young looking! Now Madonna must be very brave to attempt to have another one, because the chance of a Down baby is much larger at that age. I for one would feel thorn about doing it at 46.


lovely bee - May 17

I think if madonna wants to have a baby, than great for her, i hope she succeeds and has a healthy pregnancy, i don't think age has anything to do with it. If she feels that she can than she should, come now girls when we reach that age don't you think we wouldn't want anyone coming down on us if we decided that we wanted to have another child and we could physically handle it. It's only in our culture that we think older women shouldn't have kids, but who are we to judge?


April - May 17

lovely bee... I agree that we shouldn't judge... but it's not just about culture... it's about the baby's health... after you reach a certain age I'm almost positive that the baby is more likely to have serious problems...


~kat~ - May 18

its her choice,good luck to her i say!


anne - June 3

I am 46 and I think that i am pregnant and if I am I will be so pleased and good luck to Madonna I hope she becomes pregnant too


Lisa - June 6

It's not too old. I am forty six (and a half), and I just found out that I am pregnant. I've only had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend twice and I did nothing to increase my chances of becomming pregnant. Ya never know what the future has in store.... I'm living proof!


Bo-banna - June 8

If Madonna chooses to have a baby, let's remember, no matter how the baby turns out, all life is precious. And if Madonna has the means and most importantly the love to take care of any baby with any level of temperament or medical condition, then she's making a good choice. Remember the 60+ year old woman who had her baby this year, I think the baby turned out healthy. I know that's extreme, but there's hope.



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