Major Depression Anyone Else

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JmooseDog - May 29

I just found out that I am pregnant and suffering major depression--so bad, I am completely unattached to the baby, feeling terrified and regretful. I have had depression before and it is worse right before my period ... maybe that is why ... this feels like extended PMS. Does anyone know if this goes away?


skylersmom - May 29

Hi Jmoose- I am 24 wks pregnant, not married but engaged and lately i have been extremely depressed and regretful. i hate feeling this way. the main reason is because me and my fiance havent been getting along at all lately. we couldnt even go a day without arguing. even about the stupidest little things. the fact that this is all done in front of my 3 year old depresses me even more. plus being alone all the time, since he works 60-70 hours a week. then when hes home, we fight. yesterday we patched things up and actually had a great day today. so i am HOPING things are going to get better from here. we're really trying. im sure the depression has alot to do with pregnancy hormones. how far along are you? you should definitely talk to your doctor about it. i plan on talking to her about it this week at my appointment. if your not far enough along to know what your having or feel the baby kick, that may be why you dont feel attached to it yet. i think it will get better. please email me if you would like to talk more. im always looking for people to talk to! take care and good luck! [email protected]


Mandy - May 30

Hello. Am currently 25 weeks preg. and have a long history of depression in the past. I havent had any signs of it until i became preg. Sometimes i dont know how to cope with it.I cry and shut everyone out who i know loves me. But at the same time i know its not healthy for baby so i put a front on and try and cope with it. My husband and i only been married 2months.Things are goin ok. but sometimes i get mad at him for no reason or take things out on him. Its a mix of emotions from preg and depression. Have any of you felt this bad? sorry if i dont make sence or boring you.Just needed to get this out. thanks


skylersmom - May 30

sometimes i just dont want to deal with stuff anymore. i just want to run away and hide somewhere which i know i cant do because i have to take care of my son. i have no one to talk to half the time. its always pretty much when we're fighting too. i guess because i feel so alone. im alone all day with a 3 year old and thats basically it. i feel trapped sometimes. my mom is all the way in fl, i am in ny. so i just feel like i have no one. i hope you all feel better. the last couple days have been good for me but who knows how long thats going to last.


Maggie - May 31

Hi, I know what you are going through. I went through depression with both of my pregnancies and it was over by my third trimester each time. Pregnancy is stressful (especially the second time around when you can't just lay down when you want b/c you have another child to care for), but there are things you can do to help yourself. Spilling your guts on this forum is one thing you can do (it helped me a ton), or you can speak to your OB/GYN to see if there are any medications you can take. Please don't try to get through this on your own as there is always strength in numbers. Good luck and keep in touch.


LL - May 31

I'm starting to feel somewhat depressed as well. I haven't had a history of depression, at least not diagnosed, so I'm a__suming what I'm experiencing is depression. I'm in my third trimester, almost 32 weeks. This has just started for me. I already love and want my baby so much but I have times of regret, fear and anger. I cry often and always feel so alone. To make things worse the relationship between the father and myself is awful most of the times and I have financial concerns as well. I have not spoken with my doctor about this yet but was planning on it at my next appt. Do you think it's even worth it to get my doctor involved now or should I wait until the baby has arrived? I'm scared of developing post partum depression as well and I have a 12 year old daughter that I'm raising alone so I need to be stable for her. Not sure what to do but I feel like you all do.


LILMAMA - May 31



skylersmom - May 31

LL- i brought it up to my doctor today and she said since it seems to be mostly pregnancy related, she wouldnt recommend any medication for me. she said we should go to counseling if we have problems, which we already plan to anyways. she told me if it gets serious like i want to kill myself or someone else, then id get meds. i doubt it will get that far for me. so its up to you if you want to bring it up. if im still depressed after the baby, im going to ask for meds. i have slight depression in the past though. LilMama- i dont think crying will necessarily hurt the baby. i cry alot too. but being stressed isnt really good. i think i heard it can cause preterm labor. i dont know how true that is. i know im pretty stressed alot and so far everything is ok for me. we'll see though. im only 24 wks


mandee25 - May 31

I also have had bouts of depression throughout my life due to childhood abuse and currently I believe it is my job that is triggering my depression. It is mild but I really HATE my job. There isn't anything I can do about it because we need the money and I have to make myself do it. I live in a small town with not many job prospects that pay as much as my current job so I feel like I have to stick it out. I cannot wait until I can go on maternity leave because I am stressed out and that isn't good for me or the baby.....



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