Major Heart Burn

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Nicole121306 - June 2

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and have been lucky so far with the m/s, don't get naucous much, etc., well the past couple days I have been getting heart burn that won't stop. It hurts to breathe. My doc told me the only thing I can really take is Tums, I know that doesn't work from past experiences and I tried it again but no help at all. My question is does anyone know if Rolaids would be ok? Tums and Rolaids is basically the same thing just different brands. Or can anyone suggest something else that might work??? Please. I am in a lot of pain here. Thank you so much.


Rhonda - June 2

Gaviscon works really well.


Rhonda - June 2

I can tell you also dont eat 3hrs b/f you go to bed&elevate the head of your bed.You can also use half a gla__s of warm water with a teaspoon of baking soda.Milk will coat your stomach&help keep acid down.Hope this helps


CyndiG - June 2

Nicole, I am in pregnancy # 2 and have awful heartburn with both! I do take tums, like it's candy! I've found that the plain regular strength tums isn't as effective as the Maximum Strength Ultra. It does work much better. Maybe try that. Good Luck! I know it's a miserable feeling. And btw, it does not mean the baby will have lots of hair. My first daughter was nearly bald! :O}


angie m - June 2

I had heart burn so bad with my three pregnancys that my throat hurt. I would drink milk or eat a bowl of cold cereal to help my heartburn. It really worked. Hope you find something that helps you.


clare - June 2

i find that mints help alot i always keep some with me x


sophandbob - June 3

Yeah, the mints worked for me too - the stronger the mint the better the effect.


BethS - June 3

I lived on mylanta, the liquid stuff. Had to be flavored though.


lynnstress - June 3

Maalox tablets, active ingredient simethicone, really worked for me. My dr recommended it. Mint made burping even worse, so I went with fruit flavors.


Danielle26 - June 3

I don't know if it is still prescribed for pregnant women, but when I was pregnant with my DS, my doc put me on Zantac (prescription). I literally had heartburn 24 hours a day. I would have it when I would get up for my nightly bathroom visits!



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