Male Ignorance

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J - May 3

Hi. My question is a tad long winded, but I need help. I met a girl just over a month ago, and had unprotected s_x with her on the 29th of March (yeah, I know I am stupid!). She told me that she is pregnant on the 28th April. The morning after, she told me she is uneasy about getting pregnant, and 4 weeks later she tells me that she is. I have no idea if I was the only one she has had s_x with, as we have a serious language barrier (I work in Japan, and she hardly speaks any English). We will have an abortion. In Japan abortions are costly, and the girl is insiting that I pick up the tab. Is there a way I can confirm that the baby is mine, in this early stage?


omg some ppl! - May 3

no when you can confirm its yours it will be to late to murder this innocent child! havent you heard of safe s_x!?


? - May 3

not without an amnio......don't think the doc will do one just for the hell of it. She might just be scamming you to get your money. Should have used a rubber!


Julie - May 3

First of all you have wait to have an amnio you can't have one right away and you need to practice safe s_x!


omg some ppl! - May 3

yeah hoe do you know shes even pregnant? maybe shes need proof ask her to do a test while you are there!


omg some ppl! - May 3

that was meant to say how not hoe!


crystal - May 3

Yes it will be to late to confirm that the baby is yours. By the time you can confirm you would have already killed the baby. I am so sorry but you, my friend need to grow up and face some responsibility for your actions. If you believe that this child is yours you need to step up to the plate and accept it and love it. To me abortion is not an option. Use a rubber next time (they sell them in just about any store now).


J - May 3

I realize I was stupid, but even though this girl and I are still seeing each other, it is way too soon for a kid. She did a home test. I have heard that some Japanese girls do in fact scam, which is why I wanted to do some form of a paternity test.


B - May 3

The man knows he should have used a condom. Can you women please stop with all the murder talk..... it isn't your baby and it isn't your life!!!!!


Lynn - May 3

They don't have to be japanese to scam! take her to the doctor & have them do a test while you are present. Faking a pregnancy is the easiest and best known scam out there. Worry about that before you worry if you are the father.


L - May 3

Hi J, are you american? Most foreigners see dollar signs when they meet americans, so be careful!! I would think she is scamming, I had a friend do the same thing! If she decides to keep the child then you can have a paternity test done and see about child support, but when it comes down to a one night session, you better keep your money in your pocket!



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