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Nicole121306 - June 6

Hi. I am almost 13 weeks along and I am having problems with my boyfriend. We use to be soo happy together and talked about getting engaged. Now everything has turned upside down. I feel like he doesn't care about the baby, and he doesn't care about me anymore. I just don't know if I'm imagining things or what. Has anyone else had a total change in the relationship after finding out you're pregnant?? We weren't ttc and it was a total shock for both of us. I just need advice on what to do. I've tried talking to him about it but he won't talk to me. Please help me.


angie m - June 6

Nicole I know what you are going through. Both times I got pregnant it was not planed and my hubby freaked out. It was really hard for me he drank with his friends all the time and never was interested in my pregnancy. Things are allot better know thought so guys can grow up. I just think that it takes guys longer to warm up to the idea of being a parent. They get scared that they are going to lose all there freedom and have to totally change there lifes. Also sometimes it just doesn't seem real to them because they don't have the baby growing inside them. They are also to stuborn to talk with us about there conserns. I know from experiens though that it can get better and with my hubby he fell in love with both of our kids the second they were out and in his arms. He was also great well I was in labor. So hopefully your guy will snap out of the shock of becoming a daddy and mabe he will even try to talk to you about it. Good luck to you keep me posted on how things are going for you. Take care.


dyh316 - June 6

Hi Nicole..i am goin thru the same thing that you are. I am 9 weeks and first child for both of us. The thought of me being pregnant before i took the test was great...he was all excited. But after really finding out..things changed. He won't talk to me, won't talk about anything. He has barely been around. He totally changed to a different person overnite. He recently told me he is scared of commitment... i just see the immaturity level now. I have come to terms that i have to take care of my child and not put any xtra stress on the baby. It is their loss that they are missing out on such a wonderful blessing and joy. It does hurt and at times i do get depressed. But they will come is another life that was created! Just hang in there and take care of yourself and the baby!!


mandie - June 6

Sad stuff. I wish I could say that I had a happy ending. My ex and I were ttc, and I swear the day I peed on the stick, everything changed. He and I are no longer together, and now things have gotten nasty and hostile. I hope that you two can work things out, maybe think about counseling? Above all, like the other women have said, take care of you and your baby. It sucks to be fighting, (and sucks even more to break up while pregnant) but don't let the stress get to you. It's not good for baby (or you). Good luck.


mzxbrownxeyez - June 8

Well my mom keeps telling me my emotions are all you could just be really emotional...or maybe hes in shock..give it time..its a big step... talk to him.


venus_in_scorpio - June 8

sometimes I think men just react differently, it takes them actually seeing a real live baby to realize. me and my man went through that and I really thought he just didnt care about the baby and wasnt attracted to me any more because ive put on weight and every time I've asked about it, he got all mad i finally asked him how he could be so cold and insensitive when ive been feeling the way i am and he was like "well i just cant believe you think that." a lot of it was me, and i didnt realize it but he was being hostile mostly because I was. if you really need to get him to work on changing something, it will really floor him if you approach him calmy and rationally otherwise hell chalk up all the problems to YOUR hormones. know what i mean? good luck.



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