Marijuana And Pregnancy

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Crystal - April 2

I would like to get some feedback from others about smoking marijauna while pregnant. I am 7 months pregnant and I smoke weed. Everyone tells me that I won't harm the baby. Everything is normal with baby. I am just wondering if anyone knows of anyone that weed caused problems as far as baby is concerned.


P - April 2

Yes. I know two women who smoked marijuana throughout their pregnancies and their children both have learning disabilities. Both are very slow. Do you not think it's a little late to be asking this now? I would also like to know where these people who are telling you smoking marijuana will not harm your baby got their info? Smoking anything is harmful to the baby. I'm sure you already know this.


Betty - April 3

Know side effects of smoking Marujuana during pregnacy. Low birth weight. Slow groth mentally and bodily. And More trouble for the mother at birth. A friend used marijuana to control her epelipesy during pregnacy. the birth was difficult the placenta was black the mother almost died. It was her tenth attempt to have a baby the rest had all M/C'ed she had been a heavy user for years. The child is showing no signs of brain damage but was very sickly for the first two years. I wouldn't risk it. people who smoke marijuana are five times more likely to end up in a mental hospital? Be very careful with your brain and your baby.


Lana - April 3

I personally know of a woman who smoked pot every day during her pregnancies and had 3 very healthy girls. None of them have shown any signs of disabilities and all are doing very well in school.


Rachel - April 3

I have also heard of children ending up ok after heroine addicted mothers gave birth, it does not mean that it was in any way safe or that it does not GREATLY increase the risk of damage to the baby or the future of the baby. Don't do it.


ellie - April 4

oh hunni, please stop now! it is really really bad for the baby. it is very possible that your baby will have learning dissabilities, and be a bit "slow". please, please stop now, to stop any more harm to the baby. you don't to harm the baby and then feel bad about it for the rest of your life. please stop. please. .:.::baby dust to all::.:.


ellie - April 4

i mean you dont 'want' to harm the baby, sorry bout that, typo..


BBK - April 4

Crystal the reason you get all these conflicting answers is that tbhere is nothing conclusive about MJ use and pregnancy. That however does not mean it's a free pa__s. Early evidence shows learning disabilities and even autism in some children. Further studies are needed of course, but if you're smoking it while pregnant you're gambling. Everything could turn out fine, but there could also be problems. There are many factors that can potentially influence fetal development, but this one is the kind you can control.


PP - April 28

i smoked during my 1st pregnancy to help with morning sickness. I was Horribly ill all 9 months and this was really the only way i could keep food down. My doctor often told me i need to eat more because i was losing weight but had no help for me. smoking was my solution it worked for me. My daughter is now 7 and perfect and at the had of her cla__s. My husband and I are now expecting our 2nd child and i plan to smoke in moderation to help my morning sickness again.


Mandy - April 28

Although I don't presonally use MJ I have read that it can help with morning sickness. I think that moderation is the key. And I think that BBK is right when she says that studies are inconclusive but that does not give you a free pa__s. Also is this something you plan on doing after your baby is born? Where do draw the line between your extracurricular activities and being a good parent?


April - April 28

I won't even be around it second hand. Also there IS conclusive evidence that smoking marijuana causes low birth weight among other defects. If their wasn't, they wouldn't have it posted in every room in my doctor's office. Also, there is evidence that your baby will show intellectual impairment a decade or more later. So those of you who know kids who are okay now, doesn't mean that they will be later. Give it time. Also, it can cause behavioral problems, as well as decreased visual perception, language comprehension, attention span, and memory... I think that there's far too much to risk, and if you can't do without it for 9 months then you have a problem (FYI marijuana IS addictive)


no way jose - April 28

I would rather puke all day and night than expose my fetus to any type of smoke. A 7 year old at the head of her cla__s? As if that tells you anything. She could show problems at ANY point during her development. It does not end at age 7. Sorry PP, but you can't count the sheep until the herd comes home.


no way jose - April 28

I meant flock, not herd.


Hey Crystal - April 28

It's the smoke itself that is harmful, maybe you could have some brownies instead?


L - April 28

I was a heavy pot smoker for many many years... and I would NEVER think about doing that while I was pregnant. Duh. Look at what it does to adults and then all you have to do is IMAGINE what the results would be on a tiny developing brain. Why put all of that at risk? I know of a few people who smoked while pregnant and their kids all have had problems... behavioral,learning, adhd, add, you name it. Its not just the smoke either, it's the THC and other "ingredients" in it that are harmful.


fyi - April 28

if you take the time to read all of the thread you will see why that was posted. If hope your definition of "grown up" doesnt include the laziness you've displayed here.


Carla - April 28

Can someone provide sources, studies anything other than what they have heard?



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