Marijuana And Pregnancy

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Carla - April 28

Can someone provide sources, studies anything other than what they have heard?


sorry - April 28

Sorry to fyi. You are correct. I should have read the entire thread.


April - April 28

here are some general research links... just go to and type in "marijuana research" you'll come up with all kinds of interesting stuff... and studies have shown that marijuana IS addictive... nicotine or no nicotine.. there's something in there that causes an addiction.


April - April 28

here's another one...


Ree - April 28

You know that your not allowed to smoke weed or anything, whilst your pregnant. Your midwife must have asked you at the biginning of your pregnancy," DO YOU SMOKE?". If she didnt, then I appologise, but its very unlikely. When your baby is born, it may not show any sign of disability or harm immediately, it may happen in later years, ie; Severe depression, etc...


saydie - April 28

High Crystal. I am a smoker i have smoke everyday since i was about 15 and i am 22 now, i am 21 weeks along and i have looked in to this topic alot. I have found nothing that proves that the pot will hurt the baby, nothing at all. Every where i have read they generalize it with the other drugs because no studies have shown that it has negative effects on a baby. I have stopped but i am having my baby at a catholic hospital because my insuransce says that i have to. I know for fact that the test the baby at this hospital, that is why i have stopped so soon, to let my system clean out so i dont have problem with them at the hospital when i have her. good luck with your baby, she or he will be just fine.


April - April 28

you must still be high.... i've found quite a bit of research on marijuana and have found plenty that DON'T generalize marijuana with other drugs. The only ones who seem to say it isn't harmful are the ones who smoke it. Go figure.


Shirley in AK - April 28

i am 16 and i am already a month pregnet. i am a pot smoker. a learning disability is bad and every thing, but don't we all have our own disability in our own way? Maybe we all need to tone down our smoking. And give the baby time to grow. And dont be so addictive to it and save money. I have cut down on smoking and I'm very glad for myself for being at such a young age. And able to handle my own habbits. thx


Amy - April 28

Why take the chance. A learning disability IS a big deal. As parents we are supposed to do everything that we can to give our children a head start in life. So people who think that a learning disability is not a real disability are sadly mistaken. Please think of what is best for your child.


Amy - April 28

One more thing....not too long ago there was a mother that gave birth to a baby at a local hospital here that had marijuana in its system....guess what happened....her baby was taken away and she was thrown in the pokey.....


Mandy - April 28

I have read alot of the postings on this page and I am surprised at the amount of BS alot of you women believe because your doctor said so. Doctors are not the end of wisdom. Unfortunately I learned this the hard first pregnancy was a disaster thanks to alot of the doctors that were so anxious to be "all-knowing." And these were supposed to be the best of the best - specialist from Duke medical center. Boy have I learned alot since then...QUESTION EVERYTHING. I'm not using this as a defence for Crystal as I do think she could be taking a risk. However, I think it is scarey that many women take the word of their OB to be gospel truth. LADIES I admonish you to be wise and get to know your smart.


Mandy - April 28

Also when doing your research know your source. April gives several sites that maybe in fact be helpful and true but alot of that research is given by the government. Of course the government discourages MJ use 1. It is illegal and 2. a major money maker that does not get taxed. They lose a lot by mj that has nothing to do with health issues. No I'm not a conspiracy theorist but the government (expecially the FDA) does a lot of shadey stuff that is self motivated.


Amy - April 28

Mandy- I agree in part with what you are saying. But marijuana is still a drug. A drug that a fetus should not be exposed to. Why not just wait until you are no longer pregnant to put it into your body.


Audrea - April 28

Just so all you pregnant ladies who think it is okay to smoke pot or take any illegal drugs while pregnant, I am an RN and work in the nursery at my job. There are many signs a newborn will have when mom has been doing drugs close to delivery. We ALWAYS do a urine and meconium drug screen in the infant if it is even suspected. And NO we don't have to have the parents permission. If the child or mother comes back positive, yes mom can be tested to if suspected, the baby WILL be taken away. I have had to deal with this on way too many occasions. It is not a fun time for the new mother or the hospital staff so grow up and do the right thing for you and your baby's future.


Amy - April 28

Audrea - Thank you for backing me up. I just don't want women to think it is ok for them to do these things while they are pregnant. Its one thing to do it to yourself, its another to give it to your child. Would you give your child a joint when hes 3 years old?? Probably why is it ok to give it to them now...


tiffani ~edd 11/07/05 - April 28

As an expectant parent, you should want the very best for your child. How can anyone think that depriving the baby of pure oxygen is acceptable? When you inhale the smoke, you are depriving the fetus of a quality enviornment. Drinking, smoking and drugs are 3 things that should be completely eliminated from your life if you are expecting. It's selfish and completely unfair to the baby, who is has no choice but to suffer the consequences. If you aren't prepared to make the sacrifices now, then maybe you're not ready to become a parent.



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