Marijuana And Pregnancy

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g - December 4

I know of several people who have done it and there were no bad doesnt mean it is okay, it just means that so far there have been lots of lucky people I hope you are one of them!!!


j - December 4

You better not be the same people on the wine sights telling her that she is selfish or an unfit mother. The occasional smoke seems to be from what I've learned less harmful than the occasional drink. Just read up on it. The reeason I mention this is because I caught a lot of c___p by speaking out against drinking any alcohol while pregnant. Neither are appropriate at all while pregnant, but there are a lot of you out there that have convinced yourselves that the occasional drink is OK Well it probebly is, but just to put it in perspective, the possible side effects of the occiasional marijauna smoke are alot less then the occasional drink. Look it up then maybe start pointing that finger at some of yourselves. My point, if you are still haveing the occasional drink, then shut the hell up!!!! YOU DON'T SMOKE OR DRINK WHILE PREGNANT!!


To drinkers - December 4

Alcohol is a more dangerous drug than marijuana. the only difference is that marijuana is illegal so a doctor isn't going to tell you it's OK to have the occasional smoke like they do with having the occasional drink. I don't believe any of you should do either. It's just not right to do to a baby. Someone's reasoning to me on why you should have the occasional wine is because stress is worse for the baby. Well alcohol is worse than marijuana. You people are such hypocrits!


lauren - December 4

Just wanted to say you should't smoke weed while you're pregnant. I was a total pothead, smoked every day, more than once a day, but i stopped for my baby. I felt to guilty to get high knowing i had a baby in my tummy. Im now 39 weeks and due any day, and i honestly can't wait till i can smoke a bong! But now at least when i do decide to get stoned i wont be harming my baby. But now that i havn't smoked for 9 months i don't know if i will. And if i do it will only be once in a while


peanut - December 5

I am 3 months along. My husband has MS and smokes Pot daily in our house to help him eat, sleep, pretty much function, his Dr's agree that it helps MS patients in many ways, Oh and by the way, Pot is Mentally addictive not Physically but that's just according to the top Dr's in the US. Now when I get tested there's THC in my system because we live in the same house so what am I to do move out of my house? Tell my husband to stop doing the one thing that makes him feel better (with Dr's consent)? i don't think so, my Dr's say I will be fine and our baby will be fine, as for the Pot every situation is different, nobody can tell you what to do until they live a day in your shoes.


Voices Carry - December 5

to peanut ... the reason its ok for you is because the weed your husband is smoking is from a doctor's office,clinic prescription or what ever. Weed or the street bought from Buddy on the corner maybe laced with PCP ,enbalming fluid or have added carcinagens in it that are dangerous. As long as your doctor and you it comes from a clinic and he feels your ok then... good luck!!


sarah - December 5

The only thing ive heard of would be ADD or ADHA and i read that it can make your baby a slow learner.But ive smoked and every thing is fine but ive also heard that it can cut off circulation to the baby. and also that smoking is what is bad try eating it in special brownies, but you may wont to reconsider doing it all the time, for the babies sake. And now they are testing the babies blood these days to see if the mom has any drugs in the system,and you can get into a lot of trouble ,so mabey its something to think about.


now why - December 5

" laced with PCP ,enbalming fluid (sic) " now why would you do any of those things? PCP would increase the cost, and who has embalming fluid just lieing around? And would'nt making it "more potent" by adding this increase the cost too? Windex maybe but if you don't smell it at least before you buy then that's what you deserve.


also amazing - December 5

is that watching TV has the same effect on small children as smoking pt while pregnant. What DOESN"T cause ADD these days?


to peanut - December 6

Is your brain the size of a peanut? Surely you have also read the recent reports regarding pa__sive smoking? It can cause just as much damage as if you were smoking it yourself. NOT a good environment for anyone especially your innocent baby. You potheads make me really angry. There are healthy women out there who make sacrifies and still cant conceive and you are all jeopardising your babies health. How guilty would you feel if your baby was born with disabilities. If you cant give it up you have a serious drug problem. You need help, and that goes to all you selfish women.


Sarah - December 6

One person ssaid that any one who smokes mary jane is worthless and should have their kid taken away.Hellow!!!! do you have nuts for brains??????? Smoking pot isent as bad as some of these crack headed mothers shooting crack up and not to mention meth plus whatever els they can get their hands on!!! Think about it doctors all over the world are giving THC pills to sick people now are they worthless and should they have threir babies taken away for trying to find cures for people???


Person badmouthing peanut - December 6

OH SHUT UP! I'm not a pot head but look at all you people justifying drinking during pregnancy. Oh I need my one gla__s of wine, wa wa wa! My doctor said I could! wa wa wa! Such a double standard, you people who come down on one but not the other are so stupid!


To "person badmouthing peanut" - December 6

Hey... Idiot... I didn't badmouth anybody ... learn to read english ... I told her that as long as the doctor is prescribing it and she's getting it from a clinic that she knows what kind of chemicals are being placed in it ...(no threat of angel dust) ... and to listen to her doctor . If he says its ok then ..ok. In the end "God forbid " IF things Don't go right .... Sue The F*cking A** hole for all he's worth.... English .. do you speak it....duh,dar


Person badmouthing peanut - December 6

A excuse me, but if you ask someone if they have a brain the size of a peanut then I don't know maybe my english is a little rusty, but yes that is needlessly badmouthing someone to prove your own point. Whether you are right or not,don't prove your arguement that way, it's intellectually lazy. Anyway, my tangent was more set fire by the fact that one drug under disscusion in this forum is viewed as so evil and selfish, whereas sooo many people advocate alcohol. THAT, to me is what is stupid. That and the fact that so many people are catching abuse from people that are possibley drinking during their pregnancies. I mean they'd have to be, just read up on all the pro- wine people verses the anti-pot people. I don't advocate either during pregnancy, but people should not have the nerve to abuse others on this thread if they are drinking at all. I have no idea if this person who wrote back to me drinks or not, but if not, maybe direct some of your cuts and name-calling over to the wine sights, just to be fair.


djor - December 6

i am a grown adult whose mother smoked while she was pregnant with me. I turned out to be a very intelligent young women who was neither lazy or had any learning disabilities. I was actually very highly graded through all my years of schooling and was a three sport athlete in high school. i do not believe that smoking during pregnancy has any more effect on the baby than what you eat.


rhiannon - December 7

to all you stupid selfish women, drinking and smoking during pregnancy should not be done. It is harmful and selfish. The baby does not have a choice. You pot heads are really getting annoyed having the truth shoved in your faces. It is not right and if you need it in your life you need some sort of rehab. Maybe instead of alcoholics anonomous there is some called hashhead anon. Why not enjoy life instead of clogging up your arteries and brain with drugs. Drugs are drugs no matter what way you look at it



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