Marijuana And Pregnancy

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rhiannon - December 7

to all you stupid selfish women, drinking and smoking during pregnancy should not be done. It is harmful and selfish. The baby does not have a choice. You pot heads are really getting annoyed having the truth shoved in your faces. It is not right and if you need it in your life you need some sort of rehab. Maybe instead of alcoholics anonomous there is some called hashhead anon. Why not enjoy life instead of clogging up your arteries and brain with drugs. Drugs are drugs no matter what way you look at it


amii - December 8

a friend of mine smoked the first time she was pregnant and her son was born with severe brain damage. doctors have told him he has not long to live. it is sad a he can not remember much and lives in a world of his own. its really sad to see him like this. so, just dont do it! if you do you are taking a huge risk and endangering your childs life.


Rachel26 - December 8

amii how can you say it was from pot. My sister was pregnant and never smoked a day in her life & when she had her first ultrasound her baby had a cyst on his brain. Also i am not saying it is right to smoke pot while pg , but Cigerettes and any can vegies and frozen dinners ,milk ,non organic vegetables are alot worse for you then pot . pot is natural! the only reason it is not legal is because the government could not regulate it if it was legal anyone could grow it . so they could n't make money on it . you know you people listen to stupid dr.s that all they do is prescribe pills and if you would do research you all would know that if you juice wheatgra__s ,organic vegetables and fruits that it will cure hundreds of diseases (cancer ,weight problems, heart,sinuses,cholestrerol and hiv and many many more . But the gov't does not tell people this because anyone can grow wheatgra__s it is legal and if everyone new about it thenthe gov't wouldn't make money on drugs . but they will legalize Oxycontin and prozac, what does that do that kills people . there is not at anytime you can name anyone die from pot. but cigs,alcohol,and prescription drugs do kill.....!!! so do your research!!!!!!!!!!!! the government wants to kill people. just look at what they did to the people in new orleans and did you know the government started hiv . so you can not say that your friends baby died because of pot . they are lots of babies that die and they have parents that have never done drugs.


sap - December 8

hi, im addicted to marajuana


WandaA - December 25

Not to be rude, but why do people post information about this question if they have NO PROVEN evidence of marijuana hurting a baby during pregnancy? I mean no way could it be say all the other c___p in the air or chemicals in processed food that pregnant women shove down their throats everyday. All of you that think you know the answer to this question really should know the straight facts before you start making someone feel bad for asking an honest question, or maybe don't post anything at all and keep your opinions to your self and only post medical facts that you learned in medical school. Really I am not posting this to be rude, I just think people should really think before they post with their emotions involved.


maris - December 26

Marijuana is a plant, and it is natural. Why dont we pinpoint other sources of harmful matters, like growth hormones in milk products, chemicals used in cleaning supplies( we eat off them and breathe in), the air we breathe that is environmentaly unstable... etc..over the past few decades our earth is gradly getting worse... therefor our children may be developing problems from these factors.. did you ever think about that? it is right in front of you. You cannot blame everything on the drug just because it is labled "illegal" and that word scares us... To my knowledge marijuana's effects to a baby during pregnancy is unclear ( there is no evidence that it is marijuana that hurts your baby) but.. as everyone should "commonly" know smoking anything is harmful to a mother's lungs anything harmful to a mother will therefore be harmful to the baby. Plants are used in baking and in tea as an alternative.There is nothing harmful about that.


isn'tworthit - December 27

I was 32 weeks and had a stillborn. The main problem was that I have a condition that they didn't know about that makes blood clot more easily and there was a problem with the placenta because of this. HOWEVER the day before I went into the doctor and found out, I smoked pot for the first time in a long time. Marijuna constricts blood vessels and the bood vessels in the placenta were already having problems so smoking *could have* delivered the final b__w to my child. I will never know and the guilt is horrible. I would give my life if I could change my behavoir that day. Don't take chances, your baby could be fine but there could be complications too. It isn't worth it. If you need help stopping, go see a therapist and talk to your doctor. They will help.


JESSICA - December 27

all i got to say is "YOU DONT QUALIFY"


Sarah - December 28

Excuse me, they take your baby away immediately??? You're absolutely positive about that???? Well, first off, it depends on the laws of your state. Some states, Including Minnesota, Don't consider Marijuana a "controlled substance" per se, and because of that grey area, CPS MAY be involved in your life for the first few months to make certain that you have the proper living environment for your child, However, IT does NOT guarentee immediate removal of the child like other drugs (meth, Coke, PCP, Alcohol) Remember to prove child abuse, you have to prove the marijuana is the only factor to cause injury, and that the marijuana was used recreationally, and without proper evaluation of medical risk vs benefits. Unless you have a history of child abuse or neglect on your record, chances are CPS will work with you to secure an acceptable living environment, not break you away from your baby. (I am going through this right now with CPS, and because of my medical history, the laws in my state, and the fact that my usage is not chronic, they are just monitoring me for a few months to make certain that everything is ready and acceptable for the baby. CPS is not the BIG BAD boogie man, they just want to make certain you have the capacity to care for the child. Sincerely, Sarah


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 28

American laws are a lot different to the UK ones! Even a herion addict gets to keep her child over here. They hospital has to wean baby off the stuff first by using morphine. I think it's disgusting. I would never even think about touching a drop of alcohol while I was pregnant never mind illegal drugs! You have no idea what is being put in them!


maris - December 28

laws are different everywheres and so are people opinions because of what they only know. And Im Canadian!


Sarah - December 28

XXX....I would NEVER EVER touch a drop of alcohol pregnant....I have an adopted sister with FAS, and i would NEVER want the hell she, and my parents went through. The Marijuana is a medical thing. I only use 1.5 grams/wk (not even), and it's to manage bi-polar schitzo-affective disorder. It has worked beautifully for the last three years, and once i found out i was pregnant, i notified my doctors immediately. CPS is involved with this, but only to monitor my usage and to make certain that the baby is not being put at risk with any other drugs. I voluntarily took the drug tests, and i am trying to be as honest and pro-active as possible. I want a healthy son just like any good parent, but i also have to make certain i am metally healthy to care for him as well. My disorder is only treatable with drugs that cause birth defects, and going without medication is not an option, so the alternative is this, and regardless of the risks, the benefits far outweigh them. Canada is a great country....i've actually considered moving there. Sarah


smanderfield - January 5

i think that each and every woman feels a different way. there are pros and cons to everything we do during our pregnancies... some women are against caffeine... some against non organic foods...etc it is my personal opinion that if the studies for anything arent confirmed or have enough evidence like marijuana, then people need to stop fighting about it, because that means that you dont have enough facts to prove which side is best... if you think its harmful, dont do it... thats my best advice.... otherwise... dont let others influence you based on their experience.... every pregnancy is different


Sky - January 9

I looked up smoking pot on the internet because my boyfriend and I had a serious discussion about it. My boyfriend has never smoked pot and is very much against it. When I was pregnant I had friends who were frequent pot smokers, many of them had smoked throughout their pregnancies. Some of them had children that were fine, others did not. I smoked once while I was pregnant. I was about 4 1/2 months pregnant when I smoked and my baby moved around so much while I was smoking and after I smoked I decided I did not want to smoke anymore. Anything that made my child react like that probably was not a good thing, and considering how much pot makes a person cough and makes their eyes water, I figured she was probably having the same reaction to pot that I was. I now have a beautiful daughter and am so glad that I had a good prenancy and healthy baby. I am in college to become a nurse and my life has never been better. Every person has their own opinion but in the end a mother has to think about her unborn baby. My daughter changed my life for the better and I would never want to do anything that would have a possibility of hurting her. It is just a risk, and a mother must choose for herself what she wants to do to herself and her unborn child.


livdea - January 9

I was the biggest pot head in the freaking world. I probably smoked at least 5 times a day, alone, except when working. I found out I was pregnant and well, I stopped cold turkey. If you wanna mess with your life that's one thing but your baby's life is another.


izzy1052 - January 9

an old friend of mine is now going to give birth to a child without a stomach and with brain damage. she also didnt know anything was wrong til she was about 7-7 1/2 mths... does your doctor know you smoke weed??



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