Marijuana And Pregnancy

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izzy1052 - January 9

an old friend of mine is now going to give birth to a child without a stomach and with brain damage. she also didnt know anything was wrong til she was about 7-7 1/2 mths... does your doctor know you smoke weed??


No More - January 26

You pa__s on a gene of an addict, also you are giving your unborn child a greater chance of becoming an addict,. I know this because when I was pregnant I also smoked pot. Now my 17 year old is fighting addiction. I just found out she has done many drugs. In alot of ways I am responsible, just as I was when I was smoking. Maybe if I didn't my daughter wouldn't be fighting for her life now. STOP now, and don't go back. 1 question... Would you give your child drugs? Of course not. But you are just not putting it in the hand, you are giving it to your baby indirectly.


nicky - January 26

are you kidding, you have fried your common sense...yes it is harmful...there is a reason it is ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!


Gem - January 27

Smoking is bad for your baby whether it is a normal ciggerette or it contains cannabis. Baby's who had mothers who smoked are more likely to have a lower birth weight and have ongoing respiritory problems.


chandellina - February 9

what's up with the mothb___s?!!


phyzish - February 19

I just want to state something that I have not found discussed in this chain and thats anxiety. I am 5mos pregnant and I smoke- daily in moderation- and I have found it to be indispensable to waring off my anxiety. Without it I have panic attacks so debilitating I hyperventilate. It's very hard to function, to keep a clear head, to focus, to leave the house, eat, or do anything besides shake and cry. I have always struggled with anxiety and have used pot to keep it at bay as opposed to prescribed drugs (Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft etc.) which I have experience with, and none of which did anything to inhibit my extreme anxiety. Just recently at a doctors checkup I found that I have dysplesia (pre-cancer) on my cervix, due to advancing HPV (genital-warts) that I was completely unaware I had- and I have it because my ex-fiancee, whom I was with faithfully for two years, was dishonest with me, and had come into contact with the disease years before we met. Quite a shock to both me and my husband. Because of the HPV I have a dramatically increased risk of developing full-b__wn cervical cancer, which can easily spread to the uterus, ovaries, and be fatal. This news has devestated me. Not only will this child I'm carrying most likely be my only child, I stand to lose the precious time I've been given- watching her grow, raising her with my sweet husband, being the mother I've always wanted to be. I am so sad and so scared. Needless to say, this news threw me into some of the worst fits I have ever had, and I believe that stressed mama = stressed baby, and THAT definately isn't healthy. But a few hits off a joint, and I can put things into perspective, and actually enjoy my pregnancy, with or without my personal time limit. And had it not been for the afore-stated and my supportive, wonderful, caring, amazing, loving, dear husband I would have done something crazy, gone crazy, lost in my own anxious and paniced mind. I think it is more harmful to be unhappy and anxious- it's definately poisionous. Being that the next 4 months might be the only time I have to spend with my baby, I choose to spend them happy together. And I think it's important to remember "judge not lest ye be judged"- just because what is right for me, does not mean it's right for you, and you will never find me asking you to believe it is. Good luck, Blessed Be, You shall have a beautiful healthy child, so mote it be. Believe...


lucienne78 - February 19

Holy Smokes! I read some of these excerpts every now and then when my wife logs on, and to say that several of you are misinformed is an understatement. I'm not here to say what's right or wrong, but let's get some truth into the mix. I've already read a few postings where people are stating that a baby was born without a stomach due to MJ, one has severe breathing issues due to MJ, and there are several obviously self-created reasons why MJ is illegal giving way to this overwhelming belief in the EVILS of MJ. Give me a break - There is absolutely no evidence supporting this freak case of genetic issues with MJ where a child's stomach doesn't develop, as far as the breathing issues go and all these other physical defect claims go, I think many of you bringing out the cases don't have the empirical evidence to back up these claims, and quite possibly, some of you are using MJ as the "smoking gun" for these ridiculous statements and situations. Several postings state that a chemical in MJ causes cancer, then why pray tell do they prescribe medicinal MJ to CANCER PATIENTS? To give them an advanced case of cancer?!?! Several postings repeat themselves with this MJ is illegal c___p because its harmful - hit the books, just like gambling, with MJ the government can't find a successful way to make their cut, so since they can't control it to the point where they make their %, its illegal. It was legal in the early 1900's until unfounded studies made claims that it made people insane. You want insane - try LSD - we are talking about natural herbs used in alternative medicine for longer than the US has been in existence. Wake up!!! Just because your doctor writes you a "scrip" doesn't mean what's in it is great for you. There are much worse things available to us that are legally prescribed everyday but I guess that's ok to some of you because Uncle Sam says ok. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to run and fire up, everything in moderation - the only time my wife uses bud during or pregnancy is to help her sleep, and for nausea, but we have done the RESEARCH!!! There are no hard facts on MJ use leading to baby defects - Are we saying that an entire nation that grew up and got married in the 60's and 70's has spawned my generation of braindead stomachless children - obviously not. Common sense people - that's what this is about. How many of you take medications and never even bothered to go online and look into what they do, what they are made of, and long term effects? I think many of you who sit there CRITICIZING some of these women just get a RX, read that it may cause you to itch or have slippery stools and are ok with it - god forbid you make the effort to fully understand what you're taking. Let's try and be educated and caring in these postings, from what I've been reading its like the GOP is pregnant and logged on.


sarahbaby11 - April 21

this is right off of this site.....Stay away from marijuana before and during pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, there is no evidence that marijuana smoking in the past will harm your baby. Since most of the negative effects of marijuana appear to occur as pregnancy progresses, it’s very unlikely that smoking in the past will harm your baby. You can try some of the suggestions for quitting smoking to help you stop. If you can’t give up your habit by yourself, ask your health care provider for a__sistance.


sarahbaby11 - April 21

this is also off the the way i forgot to mention i work at a school and i see kids everyday whose parents smoked or used other drugs during pregnancy. almost all of them have learning disabilities and everyone of them has a behavior issue. just a thought. Marijuana use during pregnancy has been linked to low birth weight in the baby and withdrawal-like symptoms including excessive crying, tremors, hyperemesis (severe and chronic vomiting). Some studies, though not all, show that women who use marijuana even as infrequently as once a month throughout pregnancy are more likely to gain inadequate weight, to have dangerously rapid labor, prolonged or arrested labor, or a cesarean section. They are also more likely to have a baby that needs resuscitation after delivery. Maternal marijuana use may also damage genes, possibly resulting in birth defects or cancer and lead to increased risk of attention disorders and learning problems later in life. Marijuana has also been shown to adversely affect placental function and the fetal endocrine system, potentially interfering with the successful completion of pregnancy.


sunshinekitty240 - April 21

i have known people who have smoked during pregnancies and have normal children. There are risks as with anything but you have to go with how you feel. dont let all of these righteous women who have never even touched the stuff b__w a bunch of smoke up your a** because only you know how you feel. I knew a woman whose doctor encouraged her pot smoking because her nausea and vomiting were so bad. Everybody has a horror story and everyone wants something to blame birth defects on even though there is no proof that that is even what caused the defect ya know? go with your gut.


Ducky - April 21

I did the same thing. I looked and looked all over the internet and talked to every one I knew about it and all I could find was that it causes very very slight changes in the babys birth wieght. Nothing too noticable. Are you smoking pot to help with morning sickness? If so you can go to your doctor and he can give you pills that really help a lot. If not then I think you should know that some doctors do drug testing. If there is any thing in yours or your babys system CPS gets called and they would open a case. I'm not trying to make you feel bad because I did the same thing when I was pregnant, but you should just keep that in mind.


mindy - April 24

you are a moron.


Karen S - April 24

Now who's everyone who tells you that it wont harm the baby? I personally do not know how you can enjoy getting high knowing that theres a helpless baby inside you. You are suppose to protect the child from any harm not put it in harms way. Im sorry Im not trying to be a B**** but that makes me sick. 9 months really insn't that long and I think you should beable to stop those kinds of things for your baby. I mean your gonna be a mom come on.


Rhiannon - April 24

Most of you make me sick. I was a marijuana smoker and I quit a year before ttc. I find it really sad that some women would be good mothers and end up losing babies to miscarriage and stillbirth, while other idiots smoke weed and drink beer because they can't handle a couple of sleepless nights and these are the ones populating our earth with their hopeless offspring. Unlike Karen I want to be a b___h because if you can't be unselfish for 9 months you probably shouldn't be allowed to breed. And maybe I am a self righteous b___h, but I'm a self righteous b___h who is trying to have a healthy baby. I wouldn't for a second risk my child's health just because I have to get high. Grow up people.


sunshinekitty240 - April 24

Rhiannon - you ARE a self righteous b___h, and you have NO right to judge anyone else for what they do. I dont smoke pot but you know what? i dont judge people who do because it is not my place.


Rhiannon - April 24

Yeah well. I'm a self righteous b___h who's going to have healthy babies. And to me, that justifies my b___hiness.



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