Marijuana And Pregnancy

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tiffani ~edd 11/07/05 - April 28

As an expectant parent, you should want the very best for your child. How can anyone think that depriving the baby of pure oxygen is acceptable? When you inhale the smoke, you are depriving the fetus of a quality enviornment. Drinking, smoking and drugs are 3 things that should be completely eliminated from your life if you are expecting. It's selfish and completely unfair to the baby, who is has no choice but to suffer the consequences. If you aren't prepared to make the sacrifices now, then maybe you're not ready to become a parent.


Mandy - April 28

You make a good point that you should know your body. But wouldn't you say it would be better to trust a doctors advice rather than some random women on a website? I'd say yes.


April - April 28

^^ sorry that above post is meant for Mandy by me... i'm a little slow tonight


Amy - April 28

At any matter how you justify it to yourself....its not a good thing. Don't put your baby in harms way. Help it get ahead in life....


Nancy - April 28

I felt bad about smoking cigs. I work at a school as an aid to a child that was born to a mother with a drug habit. It was not pot, but she is bi polar and is mentally handicap. she is in second grade and can barely writer her name. She has many problems including violence. It takes special people to work with children with learning disabilities and mental illness. Everyday I get kicked, hit, spit on and called a few very bad words that a child should not be saying. So, while this was caused from a different drug, you should think about the kind of life you want your child to have happy and healthy.


Nancy - April 29

Shirly in AK....If you think a learning disability is normal, go to a public school that is required to allow mentally handicap, autistic, and children with any disability to go to the school. Go spend a few hours and see how easy it is to just get the child to sit down and read some three letter words. Or to write his name. It is not easy and I am sure that it is not easy for the child either.


Mattie - April 29

Cyrstal- It is obvious that you may have concerns about smoking marijuana while being pregnant. If you are at all concerned about your baby, then why would you even take the chance? If I thought for a minute that chewing gum had a tiny chance of harming my baby then I would not chew it. Think about your helpless child.


Leandra - April 29

Yeah girl. Smoking that stuff will really harm your baby I don't know who told you that but you shouldn't get edvice from them anymore cause they don't know anything about being pregant.Frist pot harms you and the baby so since you were big enough to have s_x and get pregnant you can be responble and stop for a while or just try to quit all together for you and your childs health.Good luck


oops - April 29

quit smoking pot it does nothing good for you. Don't be so selfish there is another person.


Kaz - May 1

I know it's a bit off topic but there are so many kids with learning disabilities,ADHD, behaviour problems, asthma etc, without having pot smoking parents. I worry that our diets may be as much to blame. So much of our meat and veges are genetically tampered with. Our chickens are being pumped with steroids to grow quicker to keep up with the demand. THIS sort of stuff scares the c___p out of me. I've heard that research suggests that young girls are developing sooner because of this hormone pumped chicken business. The human race may be killing itself off, simply by trying to feed itself. Pot's been about for many years, could it really be anymore of a threat than what some of us already put through our bodies? What about the sixties? How many of us or our parents even, were concieved while on a wild trip?


hellooooooooo - May 1

ARE you kidding me


repost - May 1

The amount of THC found in b___st milk of cannabis users is low despite acc_maltion with regular use. Only heavy cannabis use will result in amounts that possibly are relevant for the baby. Occasional or low regular use will probably not be of relevance. Franjo Grotenhermen Marijuana has no reliable impact on birth size, length of gestation, neurological development, or the occurence of physical abnormalities. The administration of hundreds of tests to older children has revealed only minor differences between the offspring of marijuana users and nonusers, and some are positive rather than negative. (...) While it is sensible to advise women to abstain from all drugs during pregnancy, the weight of evidence suggests that marijuana does not directly harm the human fetus. Zimmer L, Morgan JP. Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts. A review of the scientific evidence. New York/San Francisco: The Lindesmith Center, 1997. Should be pointed out that smoking marijuana has the same effects as smoking tabacco. Ingestion maybe an option, but I found no supporting doc_mentation on that. Some studies also suggest that smoking during the first month of b___stfeeding is harmful but there after ok. Here are some sites that give a less biased opinion than and In my opinion those sites promote propaganda. htt-p://


Whaaaaaa??? - May 1

Why take the risk at all? Were the people you asked stoned that time? There are no guarantees but there is a reason why it's illegal in most states. It has an effect. Just how much depends on your luck. I'm not advocating for this (bad) habit just because someone did smoke weed and had healthy babies. I just don't understand WHY you are taking the risk. At all.


Jessy - May 1

You are PSYCHO, WOMAN!!!!! A friend of mine smoked while preg..and well..needless to say...HER LITTLE ONE WAS ON TUBES FOR BREATHING and monitors for his BAD HEART...SHE WAS STUBBORN AS HECK...and LOOK WHAT IT COST HER SON!!! DUMB, DUMB, all I can say!!! HE HAS STOMACH AND DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS AS WELL!!!! GET READY FOR SOME SERIOUS DOCTOR BILLS!!!!!!!!


Carla - May 1

Mattie STOP chewing gum. Have you looked at the additives in gum? They could be harmful who knows. I guess since no one has "heard" that it causes problems it's ok.


rylee - May 1

My best friends' parents just adopted 2 little girls and the one little girl who is now 2 years old can't walk yet and she is way behind what she should be for her age. They don't ever think that she'll be able to walk and her mentality will never be what it should be. The mother did drugs and smoked pot during her pregnancy. Why is that fair to the baby? The baby did nothing to deserve this. I think that it is horrible, that poor baby and the problems that he/she has to go through all because the mother couldn't stop themselves from using drugs. In my opinion I think it is just plain mean!!!



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