Marijuana And Pregnancy

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rylee - May 1

My best friends' parents just adopted 2 little girls and the one little girl who is now 2 years old can't walk yet and she is way behind what she should be for her age. They don't ever think that she'll be able to walk and her mentality will never be what it should be. The mother did drugs and smoked pot during her pregnancy. Why is that fair to the baby? The baby did nothing to deserve this. I think that it is horrible, that poor baby and the problems that he/she has to go through all because the mother couldn't stop themselves from using drugs. In my opinion I think it is just plain mean!!!


minx - May 1

...and selfish, ignorant, stupid, and downright sick! the baby SHOULD be taken away from you once it's born! already while pregnant you are showing you aren't responsible enough and not thinking at all about the welfare of your child.even IF there are arguments about how MJ is not harmful to the baby in SOME instances, i don't know why you want your baby to have even the slightest possibility of being a part of the statistics for disabilities-- just to satisfy yourself here and'll need lots of luck as you are now late in your pregnancy-- but your baby needs even more for having a mom like you!!!


April - May 1

Kaz... you are EXACTLY right about the food additives. That's why you should try to eat organic foods as much as possible. Organic meat comes from animals that are treated humainly without genetic tampering. Organic vegitables have no pesticides. Definately better for your health. As for your point about pot not being any more of a threat, you may just be right, but most people are putting these foods into their bodies, so why add pot to the problem? Organic foods are expensive and sometmes hard to come by, so most people just choose to ignore the threat of ma__s-produced food. My point is... even though there are other things out there that may be just as harmful, that doesn't make pot okay. You should cut out every harmful thing you possibly can. No excuses. This is for your baby!


china - May 1

Babydoll is a liar!


NOT babydoll - May 2

And to CHINA: and you are naive.


April - May 2

how is baby doll a liar? If they drug test you and find ANY illegal substance in your or your baby.. they're GOING TO TAKE THE BABY... i hate to tell you... but doing illegal things would determine you an unfit mother... they are not going to send a baby home with an unfit mother...


Anonymous - May 2

ARE you crazy? How are you going to be a mom? I pray for your unborn child.


Sareena - May 5

Will it be ok if I write a speech about it? You shouldn't smoke weed because you can harm the baby and it may get addicted if you aren't careful


******* - May 5

STOP SMOKING IT NOW!!!!!!!!you are and will harm your baby. Take a look at your writing you cant even talk/write stright, just think about how that poor tinny baby is going to be.


Mellie - May 5

I smoked it at parties here and there during my pregnency and my kids came out ok.


Nikki - May 5

You have got to be an idiot, if you want to mess up someone's brain, mess up your own, but at least give your unborn baby a chance.


Nikki - May 5

Just by being stupid enough to ask that question and actually be smoking pot while your pregnant shows you how marijuana effects you, either it has fried your brain or you never had one. It is really sad to see a mother to be that is so selfish!!!!!!! You should really be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!


tehProgamer - May 5

just quit weeding, you'll do people around u a favor ^_<


Ree - May 5

To all the people that have smoked cigs, weed or anything during their pregnancy and nothing at all has happened to their children, is great, but as I have already said, how would you feel if your child had a disability that you could of controlled. Having a addiction is really hard, BOO-HOO, I smoked a hell of a lot b4 i got preggers, but I HAD 2 quit. Isnt it enough to Know that you are pregnant to quit?


C J - May 5

I've known at least 3 mothers that smoked during pregnancy. Their children were born healthy but I've noticed that those children seem to be harder to handle. I cut down considerably and am hoping to quit. I didn't smoke during my other pregnancy's and my oldest son has ADHD. learning disabilities happen whether you like it or not but it's usually hereditary.


angel - May 10

i don't know about you, but when i was pregnant i felt so exhausted all the time that i just had to stop smoking. aside from the possible health risks to the baby (which may not even exist), i think that it would be a good idea for you to quit at least till you have the baby just to be sober for a few months. when i quit at about 5 months it was the first time in years that i had gone for any length of time without smoking weed. i had forgotten what it felt like to be sober. i'm really glad i did stop for those months because it gave me a chance to clear my head and focus, its hard to explain because when you smoke regularly you don't realize that when even when you're not high you're not sober. You didn't mention how often you smoke so maybe this doesn't apply to you. my son is four weeks old now and doing great (before anyone jumps on me i know it's still to early to tell for sure) but i have been in a wierd depression since he was born, untill earlier this week when i finally got high again. If you don't smoke for months, when you do start up again it will only take 2 or 3 hits to get you quite stoned. some people will say that if you get high you won't be a good mom, but hopefully you're not dumb enough to get so blazed you can't take care of your baby. like someone else said, moderation makes a big difference. anyways good luck and i hope your baby is healthy. oh yeah and since i always tested positive for thc at my doctors appts during those first 5 months, my charts always said i used marijuana, the people who did my ultrasound knew and the nurses and the doctor in the delivery room knew and they all asked me about it. even if you keep smoking you better make sure you stop well before you have the baby, and you never know it could come early.



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