Mary - April 27

I am 14 weeks preggers and I am getting this increadible urges to talk to to my baby. Can he hear me? Can I start teaching him Physics yet .. hehehehe!


Stephanie - April 27

Talk to your baby as much as you want!!! Have your bf or hubby do the same thing! It's a cool way to bond in my opinon and when you decide on the name, use it lots!!


toes - April 27

Mary, it's never too early. Ever since my wife got a little bump on her belly I've been resting my hand on the baby. She's eight and a half months along now, and whenever the baby's jumping like mad all I hafta do is read to her, usually out of a Shel Silverstien book, and she IMMEDIATELY quiets down. My wife can actually feel the baby snuggle against her belly, to wherever my head is which is on her lap. Within like 5 minutes the baby's sound asleep. She's bonded with me to such a degree that she won't even respond to anyone else touching my wife's belly (including my wife), where all I have to do is brush my hand against her and the baby rushes right to where my hand is. I gotta admit, it's pretty cool and a hell of an ego boost!


To toes from Mary - April 27

Toes! You just made me cry! I am printing this out and showing to my hubby! I sing to my baby silly songs, but have not yet serioulsy had a talk with him yet - about me having a bump - well I had a "bump" before being pregnant so it will take forever to show, but I know it is there all cozy anf happy! :) Thanks!


toes to mary - April 27

mary, my pleasure. This is my third kid, two in my first marraige and I just got remarried in October. In my first marraige, i was working 60-70 hours a week, so when I was home I was sleeping. With this pregnancy, everything is different, especially how I feel toward my wife and baby to be. Don't get me wrong, I love my first two daughters and they'll always be special, but with this one, well, I can't really describe it. And steph, I haven't been using her name too much, I'll definitely start doing that.


jb - April 27

Hey toes what are you naming her?


toes - April 27

another funny story--I came home one day a couple months ago and asked my wife what she thought of the name Caitland. She just looked at me funny for a couple seconds and then asked me what brought that name up. Turns out that when she was in her first marraige she had a miscarraige, which I knew. What i didn't know was the fetus got far enuff along that she got to thinking abt names, and she picked Caitland. Talk abt spooky! And we both agree that neither one of us liked the name Kate, so her name's Kaylyn.


to Toes from Mary - April 27

Hey, this is my second marriage as well, and we tied the knot in October, too!. My vision of 1st marriages is that they are the necessary experience to make a second marriage work in amazing ways, they make second marriages a blessing! :) My baby will be called Megan Rose if it is a girl and Miles Engel if a boy! :)



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