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Desperate HW - April 16

My husband works so much and I'm pregnant wanting to have s_x but he's tired all the time.Can I m____ee and watch my s_x tapes? And not hurt my baby?


Julie - April 16

haha the s_x tape was TMI! you can im pretty sure cuz i know ppl have s_x while pregnant and nothing happens, just long as you arent like gango rough or anything you cant hurt the baby :p


Shy - April 16

What's TMI and ppl?


to shy - April 16

TMI = Too Much Information ppl=People


To Desperate HW - April 16

It depends on how long your fingers are.


MsNusty - April 17

Sure, just put anything in there too deep or your baby could have a dent on his/her head. Just don't watch the tapes cause the radio waves could cause birth defects.


charlesMD - April 17

Please people this is a serious board and the girl is asking a serious question. Hello Desperate HW, masturbation itself will not hurt your child...directly...but it can have a detrimental effect as such. It releases a hormone after orgasm that can cause parkinsons disease in the baby.


yea rite! - April 18

charles you are full of c***! so if a woman orgasms her child can get parkinsons...........WHATEVER!!! [email protected]!!


babyonboard - April 18

ha one is taking this very seriously are they?


Confused - April 18

Charels MD told me that there is a fourth trimester of pregnancy. Does it really take twelve months? Hope not.


??? - April 18

This is NOT a serious pregnancy question. I feel sorry for your babies. Masturbation is disgusting! It makes you go blind.


??? - April 18

Sorry everyone. I just can't help myself, but I'm trying so hard to change.


Leahp - April 18

Hell girl, I had to flick the bean the other day, just to see if I could still have an orgasm pregnant since the hubby and I keep it gentle, forgot how great it was!!! Rock on girl!!!


lovely - April 18

If it wasn't for my wonderous 'shower ma__sage', I'd be a mean, angry woman. ....and my water bills would be less expensive. (I wonder if THAT"S ???'s problem?)


Desiree - April 18

Desperate HW, I am very sorry that everyone is being so immature about your question. And to think some of them are having children themselves. I think you'll be just fine. If its 100% safe to have s_x than I think you're fine if you want to help yourself. Ignore all these other comments. Also you could try talking to your gyn. and they could tell you as well..


Ruth Blom - April 18

I had the same problem Desperate HW. My husband was gone a lot on business during my pregnancy and the desire to masturbate was so strong I was unable to stop myself. I once masturbated so hard with my jackrabbit I swore I heard the baby scream! Well the good news is my child is now 2 years old and hasn't shown any ill effect aside from his walking kind of funny.


Bawb Abooey - April 18

it really depends on the movie. If you're masturbating to a lesbian s_x tape - the baby should be fine. If it's one of those really hardcore penetration videos you may want to try a___l beads rather than your hand or typical d____o style masturbation.



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