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caitlin - March 18

Does anyone know where to find maternity clothes for a size 2? From what I've read, you are supposed to buy maternity clothes at your pre-pregnancy size. I ahve enough trouble finding size 2 in normal clothes! I need some suggestions asap, as it looks like I might have to buy them earlier than usual (I am about 8wks, and my "period" jeans are already getting too tight).


oh yea! - March 18

Be careful because whatever you may like.....there is bound to be a very rude b___h posting her nasty opinons.


Tera Shilk - March 18

Nordstroms has some though can be kind of pricey. starts as size 0. also has size XS. Also, I was surprised to find out has a big selection. Hope this helps.


Julie - March 19

I am also very small too try they even have size 0. I just ordered some 2's from there and they still seem rather big so you may want to opt for 1 or 0. Also try Mimi Maternity or Pea in a Pod. I found that all of the really nice maternity clothes are really expensive.


PP - March 19

Check Old Navy Online. I am the opposite I wear like an 18 and they seem to have quite a spectrum of sizes and so far they have washed and worn well. Very easy on the budget too.


Laura - March 20

What's with the first comment? Anyway I have the same problem. I wear a 0 but I am to big for them now. A size 1 is to big, so I know what your going through.


Liz - March 20

Any place should accomodate you from Mimi. And as a size 8or 10, I wouldn't mind having your problem : )


Liz - March 20

That was suppose to say "from Mimi to Old Navy..." Great Luck!


Jamie - March 21

Hey, I'm having the SAME problem with maternity clothes - actually, a bit different - I'm in Germany, trying to buy maternity clothes...heh...


caitlin - March 25

Thanks guys!


oh yea! - March 25

i forgot to say im a loser


Billie - April 10

I'm a size 0 too, and gapmaternity has been pretty good. I'm 20 weeks now, but back at 8-14 weeks I started leaving my pants unb___toned and pulling a tub top over them, they lasted a little longer that way. Also, I got away with getting pants with drawstrings in a larger size.


X - April 10

I just buy whatever I like, in bigger size, of course :(. Anyway, I'm in Denmark and we don't really have that many shops here that sells maternity clothes. So, I buy the next best thing-- 2 sizes bigger. Usually works but have to try it on just to see if it'd do my new great preggy shape justice :)).



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