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ChaycesMom - January 4

Does anyone know anyplace that I can get decent maternity clothes, for not alot of money. I looked online and there is no way I am spending $40 on a pair of pants that I will never wear again. Thanks for any help. I live in MA if that helps too.


anita - January 4

try ebay. i've gotten almost all my clothes there.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 4

Do you have a consignment shop near you? If you do check there. Usually (this sounds really bad I know but its the truth) if you have a goodwill or something closer to a nice neighborhood you will find really good clothes there for not alot of money. I also agree to check ebay.


Tess - January 4

Motherhood Maternity is the best place to go. They have some clearance rack and most of their pants are really cheap $14.99. Ive tried Target and Walmart too and they have some really cheap pair of maternity pants and you can find some too on their clearance rack. Goodluck!


Been There - January 4

Knowing I would be pregnant through most of next summer, I've been buying out of season stuff at stores from this past summer. I just got 4 items for $21, all maternity. So you can probably try that as well.


Steph - January 4

I'm an eBay lover as well, I've gotten tons of shirts from there and I just bought three pairs of pants at Shopko. One on clearance and the other two on sale for $18 a piece. I do the same stuff as Been There, buying off season is a great way to save money and when I find out what I'm having, I'll be buying off season for the baby as well.


Jenn - January 4

I got a bunch of stuff at thrift stores for 2-5 dollars for shirts and pants. Alot of the stuff looks brand new. People don't wear their maternity clothes for long, so you can find stuff in really good condition, and you won't wear it too long, so its not a big deal if its used.


ChaycesMom - January 5

Thanks a lot ladies for your input. I will try them.


JennyC - January 5

try for your city. I got all mine in one shot from a lady who was done with them. About 10 pairs of pants & 15 shirts - all for $40! good luck



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