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shyann - March 28

I am wondering if anyone out there knows where i can purchase materinty clothes online i'm from eastern canada and there is NOTHING where i'm from i tried Old Navy but they wont deliver to canada yet any suggestions would be a great help....thanks


Roxy - March 28

I have gotten quite a bit on ebay. I am in Saskatchewan and we don't have much for stores. Now I have a lot of Gap, Old Navy and Tommy maternity clothes. Good luck.


karine - March 28

to my knowledge the only online stores i were able to get was ebay and sears. Sears is very pricey. i mostly shoped in consignment stores and walmart. and i got alot of nice things


drea - March 28

what about Target. they have some cute stuff


karine - March 28

target dont sell ship to canadians


krob - March 29

Zellers-some store have them and even Walmart I would also try kids consignment stores they often have mat clothes


mtlquebec - March 29

shyann - Do you have a Value Villiage near where you live? Value Villiage has used clothing very cheap and here they have a maternity section (most of which are Thyme brand clothing - usually very expensive) I hope you have one near you and that they do have a good selection! Let me know - I've been showing off all the things I've bought there (I'm set for the whole pregnancy for cheap). Where in the east are you? I was living in NB and NS and they have them there for sure...


lashes92 - March 29

Try JC Penny's online. They have TONS of maternity clothes and I would be surprised if they didn't ship to Canada.


drea - March 29

i found a really cute site and they ship to Canada (for $60 more of course), but the stuff is cute. the web site is


drea - March 29

oops, they're al little pricey, didnt look at that part.


angelinakai - March 29

i have gotten quite a few things off of ebay! i think they are great. i looked around online and at stores and either the clothes were kinda frumpy or too expensive.



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