Maternity Clothes After Only 8 Weeks Anyone

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sherri - July 19

is this normal to be heading for maternity clothes already? Im only 8 weeks pregnant and my clothes are already snug.


J - July 19

It's probably water retention...I didn't need maternity clothes until closer to 15 weeks.


Jodie - July 19

I was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks aswell


Erica - July 19

I wasn't fitting my pants at 8 wks, nothing maternity fits either! I even asked the doc to listen for 2 heart beats...but only one!


glendy - July 19

yeah, i was the same. It wasn't that i was really showin genough for maternit, it was more that i wore fittet clothes and that they just didn't fit nicely anymore. I used the low rise maternity pants...they flatter even if your belly isn't showing very much. but it is normal, so don't worry about it:)


JYR - July 19

I didn't need them until about 12 weeks, but my clothes were a little tight until then. So many people told me just to wear maternity clothes, but I would have felt a little silly. Do you have a bigger friend you could borrow some clothes from for a month or so? If not, don't wear clothes that are too tight on your tummy... it'll give you a stomach ache!


jb - July 19

NO. I am only 10 wks. and I wish I could wear maternity clothes instead of my tight a__s pants. I just feel fat, not pregnant. I cant wait to wear maternity clothes but I am trying to hold out until my second trimester.


Mendi - July 20

I'm about 10 weeks now and I hate getting dressed :( Seems like everything is too tight. I bought some maternity clothes but they seem so big, I got some with drawstrings in them so it helps some. Elastic is my new friend. I heard Old Navy carries maternity clothes in phases, like 0-3 months and so on. They're also cheap and I've also found some deals on e-bay for anyone else who is thrifty!


Coco - July 23

It depends on you and your body. I needed them about that early. They say it's because I had kids before and sometimes you start showing sooner. Plus I was bloated. Every body and pregnancy is different. Old Navy is cheap. I'm going to get my second round of clothing soon. Good Luck


jamessamuel - September 15

It depends upon one's physique. If it appears to you that your present clothing is getting annoying with you, in such case you should go for pregnancy clothes.


jameshenry - September 22

This is normal. With pregnancy there are harmonal changes in the body and some may need maternity clothes within 8 weeks of the pregnancy. There are other also who start to wear it between 18 to 20 weeks.


davidjones - September 23

During this period if your dresses became tight, it will be better for you to start wearing maternity clothes according to your need. This is the very crucial period for you and coming new member of the family.


derekbrian - September 28

This is normal. During this period body starts gaining wait due to hormonal changes.And it is not special to start wearing these clothes with in 8 weeks of your pregnancy.


RoseM - June 27

Yeah, i had to start shopping fairly early as well. Found some great stuff from Seraphine, some didn't even make me look pregnant which allowed me to get away with it for a few more weeks. :) 


Ninjaynnear - August 7

Yes anytime you want. If you wish to wear it  and you think you are comfortable with the clothes. Then go for it!



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