Maternity Insurance

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Peter - January 12

does anyone know about, or had firsthand dealings with "Maternity Card PPO" ? which is part of a company called "Affordable Health Care Options?" It says it can help reduce the costs of having a child for people, like us, who have insurance that WON'T cover an unplanned pregnancy. It all sounds great but we are very wary. Any insights?


Katharine - January 13

Just curious-does your current insurance cover "planned" pregnancy?


Peter - January 13

well, yes and no. If we knew we wanted to get pregnant well in advance of doing so, we could have added the 'maternity coverage' for extra monthly charges, and would've had to have done so 10 months prior. So in that respect, yes it would hypothetically cover a "planned" pregnancy. Now that we are pregnant, it is too late to "add" that maternity coverage.


julie - January 20

did you get any anwers?


Kate Jankowski - January 21

I have the same question about Maternity Card PPO, and have not been able to find any answers. Have you heard anything from anyone who has used it? Their sales people seem very high pressure, and I'm also wary.


Gina - January 26

It looks as though I made the mistake of giving my info to these Maternity Card people. I just got off their site and went looking at other insurance for my pregnancy but stumbled across some very upset people whom have tried this card and have lost their money and complained how pushy the reps were in trying to enroll you. Whatever you do, do not give any financial info like your bank account number or credit card number in order for them to send you more info about their company because they consider it as an enrollment and will not only charge you on a monthly basis but also charge you a $250 cancellation fee without even actually signing up. If you look at other baby sites you will see many postings about these people and how unsatisfied they are. So I beg of you to be extra careful because it is their job to talk to the doctors but in fact they give you papers on how to basically ask your doctor for a lower cost bill. Isn't it their job to do that and not yours? Isn't that one of the most important reasons for signing up --not to mention to save too. One of the other sites is you will see what others have reported.



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