Maternity Jeans

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candicejohnson - April 30

ok im 19 years old and im use to my normal flair trendy jeans im having a hard time finding maternity jeans that are trendy i dont want to spend alot of money on jeans either i found a really cute pair of capris on there rinestone ones by celebrity pink but that is the only pair that ive found if anyone could help me out i would really appriciate it my and another question i was a size 3 before i got pregnant so what size should i get i noticed that maternity goes by s m and l what size am i in that if u could help thanks


SonyaM - April 30

Try and They both have CUTE maternity clothes and they have sizing charts to help you find the right size.


Alexi - April 30

Also, keep in mind... right now, being trendy is priority, but in the end.... comfort is all you'll want! i did the same thing in the beginning.... looked for the cutest maternity clothes... now my favorite thing to wear is hubby's pj pants and his tees!


Chelle - April 30

Try Motherhood Maternity. I've seen them in almost every mall, and their website is Thats where I got most of my maternity clothes. Old Navy has lots of cute, cheap maternatiy clothes also. And if you were a size three before pregnancy, I'd guess you are a size small (thats just my guess).


olivia - April 30

I found my favorite pair at jc penny. They have a band that goes across your belly. The under the belly jeans are useless as I don' t know what is supposed to hold them on, and the pocket belly ones are awful, but these were perfect and looked like normal jeans. They have like a 4 inch strechy band across the belly and lasted me all the way from early to late pregnancy . Get small in everything, maternity clothes run large, I could hardly find anything small enough to wear and I am usually a size medium.


Erin1979 - April 30

I found that there was a lot of cute stuff at second hand stores. We have a chain called "Once upon a Child" which carries maternity clothes. I got SO many things that still had tags on them for $5! Like the others said, go for comfort over me, when you're uncomfortable, it makes it worse near the end!!


Erynn21 - April 30

I got all my stuff @ and and it all fit you just have to find your size in their charts. You can have the best of both world too, I got comfort and I like being fashionable. Oldnavy has really cute boot-cut stretch jeans that are super comfortable and I got 3 tank dresses that are comfy and really hot. I personally like the underbelly jeans because the ones over my belly make me itch like crazy, my only complaint with them is they all need a drawstring, this includes my one pair of over the belly jeans.


livdea - May 1

I've had the hardest time with maternity pants. I cry every time I put on the pants with the band and I wore my regular jeans until I couldn't do the rubber band trick any longer. So now...I've resorted to buying large. I'll admit, maternity pants are SO comfy but I guess I'm just to vain. My belly is swelling in size every day and I'm not always comfortable but I feel good. I was a size 4 prebaby and now I'm buying my pants in 10's and 12's, they are huge in my legs and I wear big belts to help hold them up but they fit right under my belly. I couldn't find any pants that fit, I tried and still try old navy but they don't fit right and they make me cry :D anyway, buying sizes up is what I've done. Good luck and if you find any cute pants let me know where, cause I'm sure I'll be wanting to be comfier later on!! I'm now in my 7th month and getting big!!!


Tess - May 1

you can either shop at Motherhood Maternity....most of their items are on sale depending on what kind of attire you want. If you are wearing a S before you got pregnant.....then you'll need a S too for your me you wouldnt need the M or L til later (when you hit your 3rd tri) Goodluck!


michellep - May 1

I am about your size, and the only places I could find things that actually fit me were The Gap and Old Navy. Most people don't even know that I'm wearing maternity clothes either, they are really cute. The Gap is a bit more expensive for their clothes.


mommatx - May 3

I cannot find a pair of maternity pants that fit me well. I have found shorts, but capris and pants just are too baggy in the thighs and but. they look absolutely appaling on me. I have seen cute ones at motherhood maternity, but when I try them on, its just ugly. Im glad all my low rise jeans still fit. I dont know what im going to do in a few weeks. I think I will just live in dresses and skirts.


Ba8y6irl - May 4

I got 2 cute pairs from ThymeMaternity actually. They are comfy and don't come with saggy bums and gigantic panels... Everyone asks me if I am still wearing normal jeans... I am 9 months no way!! But really they have some normal looking jeans there... and old navy is good too!!


Amber #2 - May 7

Girl, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on jeans, you can always look on Ebay! Some are used, some may be new, but remember that a women can only wear them for so long since they grow throughout the pregnancy, therefore most of them would be in great shape!! I bought a TON of cute Motherhood, Old Navy, and Gap maternity clothes on Ebay last year for next to nothing!


Amber #2 - May 8

Oh one more thing...I bought a ton of maternity clothes at burlington coat factory...they have a lot of cute maternity clothes for really cheap prices!



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