Maternity Leave

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Hayley - May 16

When do you think is a good time to leave work before you have your baby? I am 31 weeks and have not been sleeping well for the past couple of months. I'm still getting up for work in the morning and by the afternoon I'm completely knackered, not to mention stressed. I need to work as long as possible though as I need the money. Would be grateful for any suggestions.


Leahp - May 16

Hi Hayley, Most of my girlfriends have had their maternity leave start the week of their due date, and one was a dental hygenist standing all day with sciatic pain, I felt so bad for her!!! I guess if you need the money try to do what you can, I have to do the same although my job isn't very demanding, so I can't complain! Good luck to you hun!


Jenn... - May 16

I would say whenever you can afford it. I started my leave when I was 37.5 weeks, and It has been great. I am enjoying the time I have to myself, soon it will be me and baby all day until hubby is home. Plus there is a lot of little things I am still doing to get ready for my baby. Also, my job requires that I sit all day. So I was sitting for 10 hour shifts 4 days a week plus 2 hours drive time - my ankles where huge!!! Now that I've been off for almost a week I have found my ankles again!! YAY!! Again, take it when you can afford it, the time off is great but you don't want to put yourself in a tight situation. Best of luck!!!!


lidia - May 16

I am 30 weeks and I cant wait to take my maternity leave I have a job that you have to stand up all day and I have three kids and my feet kill me by the time I get home all I want to do is lay down but kids got to eat and the house has to be cleaned all I want to do is start nesting I heard that you can take 4 weeks before you have your baby and 6 weeks after and another 6 weeks for paid family leave I live in california anybody knows if this is true?


Carol - May 16

Lidia - This is not true unless the place you work allows this. Your maternity leave can be up to twelve weeks total. Your employeer does not have to hold your job if you go past that time unless there is some medical reason that you have to be out beyond that time. This is the Family/Medical Leave Act and it does not have to be paid and in most cases is not. If you have short-term disability insurance you would get paid for a portion of your maternity leave. Your employeer may also require you to use your sick and vacation days as part of this time and in which case you would have to be paid (if you are normally paid for those days) when you leave.


monica - May 16

I live in California. We have 4 weeks prior to your due date and 6 weeks after baby is born. We also have family leave but it is not paid. I am planning on going on maternity leave when I am 37 weeks so I can clean and my son is going on vacation with his grandparents in august so I have to pack his bag and see if I have to buy anything for him. I also want to have some one on one time with him before the new baby comes. after my 6 weeks I have 3 weeks vacation and 1 week sick I will have 2 weeks without pay though....but been trying to save so I will not have any money issues.


lidia - May 17

I am not sure about the 4 weeks before delivery but I am sure on the 6 weeks disability after pregnancy and then there is this new law called paid family leave and it starts right after your 6 weeks of disability is over and you get paid the same amount you were getting paid disability


Grumpy - May 17

I need all the money im planning on working till i have to call the office and tell them i popped!! lol!! (unless of course there are complications later on. Im 23 weeks tomorrow good luck girls!


chel - May 17

Some states have state disability for maternity leave, most don't. You also do not get paid maternity leave under Family leave unless you work for a company that has at least 50 employees and you have been there for 1 year. If you don't meet those terms, it's up the employer to decide whether to pay you or not. They do have to give you leave as required by your doctor. That is usually 6 weeks post partum for v____al delivery and 8 weeks post partum for c-section.


Phoebe - May 17

I live in Alta Canada and we have a great Maternety benefits to Parental benefits. Maternity paid until maximum of 15 weeks, and parental paid up to 35weeks a total of 50 weeks.



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