May Be A Dumb Question But

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notquitesure - January 19

okay i understand bh and all but can you start them?..i was playing with the baby..poking my belly to see her kick and then i started having contractions, just bh they arent painful just noticeable, i am only 23 weeks and i know they are just bh but i dont remember this with my first, can you start a bh or is it more likely coincidence?


Lala - January 19

Yes, I believe you can. Some of us have irritable uterus (yes that is a real medical term) and irritation can set it off. This could happen from the doc checking your cervix, the baby stretching out, and from lots of other stimulation such as a full bladder. Some of us just have this irritable uterus. I'd like to hear what others have to say.


SaraH - January 20

Yes you can cause them. Toutching your belly, baby moving around alot, not having enough water, etc can cause BH to occur more frequently. I wouldn't worry about it if they aren't to frequent or stron--I'm 29w and have been having really bad BH (often have 6-10 in an hr on some days -been checked out and I and baby are fine),since I was 16w and often if I toutch my stomach it makes them worse. It's normal.


notquitesure - January 20

thanks!! I had horrible bh with my first but not until the end but i did know you can get them this early i just never thought you could cause the, i had never heard of irritable uterus before..i stopped poking my belly and everything settled thanks again!!


lawlady72 - January 20

I had them from the middle of second tri with first and a lot of things can set them off like Sara said, another one is s_x, especially if you orgasm. That can bring on some good strong ones.


jessica72 - January 20

Yes, I felt my first at 23 weeks after orgasm and it was scary. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it felt like my whole uterus tightened up and that lasted for about 3 minutes. I don't know if I've felt them since, but I figure when it feels tight down there, BH are coming on. I hear drinking lots of water helps.



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