Maybe 4 Weeks If I Am What Symptoms Did Anyone Have

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Jen - August 4

Well, I am one week late in my period cycle. I did have unprotected s_x somewhere between the 5th or 6th of July, but he pulled out. My period was suppose to come last week, but didn't. If I am pregnant I would be about four weeks, but I have no symptoms other than I am extremely bloated, and I had massive headaches about three weeks ago. There was something a little odd though, after I ate pizza I felt a little throbing on the right side of my stomach. Nothing painful just odd because I've never felt that before in my life. What symptoms did anyone feel during 4 to 5 weeks?


Shelly Sue - August 2

WELL HONEY! I HAVE BEEN HAVING THE SAME SYPTOMS ALMOST! TODAY WOULD MAKE MY FOUR WEEKS PREGNANT ALSO, BUT THATS "IF" I AM! I also had unproteceted s_x between the hours of july 4 and july 5! I have been having headache's, my breats are larger and discolored, im cramping a lot, and im bloated! PLUS -> Ive been spotting! Keep intouch AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, e-mail me asap: [email protected]


Jennifer - August 2

Girls I am For sure about 5 weeks pregnant and I am just having a little nasuea and b___st tenderness and stomache pain when I lay on my belly ......


Emma - August 2

I am currently 3 monthes pregnant, but I remember when I was 5 weeks, I didn't have a whole lot of symptoms. They just got worse as the time went on.


Melissa - August 2

Well, I'm in my 5th week of pregnancy and I feel miserable. Starting the 4th week, I began to get morning sickness. It's getting a little better now. I also feel really tired with little appet_te.


Jen - August 3

I hate the wait! I wish I could know right now if I am pregnnt or not. Another symptom to add to the list--increase in appet_te from the moment I wake up. But this could be from the stress. So if I'm a week late, wont the home pregnancy test pick it up now? I'll give it a couple more days and then I'll take a test. I hope I'm not pregnant because I'm not ready for that, but if I am I wont abort either (my twin sister may not be able to have kids and i would feel terrible if i killed mine--i wouldn't have the heart.--THANKS GIRLS FOR YOUR REPLY


nettie - August 4

Jen, i was about 4weeks pregnant and took home pregnancy test, got a negative but had some symptoms, tender b___sts, very tired, and seemed to just be hungry. Tested again a week later got a positive. I am now 21 weeks , you just have to wait it out a little. Good luck


ung - August 4

there is a new test now and it can detect whether you are pregnant after just three days of having unprotected s_x so why wait the whole month


joella - August 4

i just found out i am pregnant. i really have no symptoms though.. just LOTS of cramping due to the uterus expanding. no morning sickness. i threw up ONCE 3 weeks ago. because i had really bad heartburn but all that is gone now. i am 6 weeks


Jen - August 4

Well, I got my test results from the pregnancy tests (it wasn't the blood test though) and I'm not pregnant. However, I still havn't gotten my period for seven weeks. The nurse said that if i dont get it in another week to go back.



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