Md Or Ob Gyn

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Becky - December 3

I am wondering how many of you went with your family doctor as opposed to an ob/gyn. I am thinking of going with my family doctor...but a little concerned. She knows a lot about everything, but she is not a specialist.


Jamie - December 4

I went to a general practicioner at first, and then switched to an OB who specialized in high-risk pregnancies when I developed pre-eclampsia. But, truthfully, if everything is progressing normally,and you're not having any complications, you should be okay with your family doctor - but you might want to get an OB during the 3rd trimester.


Lisa*9 - December 4

My first two children were delivered by family dr this pg I will see a obgyn due to the fact moving to another province in canada,I would only see a family dr if I could.


Becky - December 4

Thanks for your imput. I had an ob/gyn with my first 3 kids. But this time around I think I am going to go with the family doc. I trust her. I don't feel that switching in my 3rd trimester would be easy, as I don't have insurance, and I have to have the doctor paid off by 8th month.


me - December 4

Coming from a line of doctors in the family, in my opinion, an OB/GYN is a specialist for a reason. A family dr is ok, but knows a little about a lot of things, not a lot about one or two things. When dealing with a pregnancy, ob/gyn would be my choice no matter what, in case something goes wrong that the family dr just has not enough experience with. If you need to switch over in the 3rd trimester for in case of emergency reasons, than why not just start with the person you will end up with? Along the same token, I went to the RE not my OB/GYN when I couldn't become pregnant, since getting people pregnant is not their is the RE's. Now that I am pregnant, I am going to my OB/GYN, because that is their specialty. Just my opinion though, so do what you think think is best for your situation. Good luck!



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