Me And Now My Mum

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charlene - November 11

Hi im 18years old and almost 5months pregnant it was hard to tell my mum at first but it all come out in the end when i was 2 month...but at the time when i was telling my mum and explianing she seemed odd shes the type of woman to go mad at things and she seemed ok with it all...although she seemed nervous herself, couple of weeks passed and shes still not actin the same as she was i though maybe she is still angry at me and shes in shock so i sat her down at the night and talked to her and made her feel at ease...and the news finally popped out...shes almost 5 month too!!! now that..was a big big shock to my system and i really cant get it sunk in...ive heard about sisters being pregnant at same time but not mum and daughter...its weird to think im gonna have another sister or brother and there gonna be the auntie/uncle to my baby and my mums gonna be a gran ...and we might even have our babys at same time i just cant get my head around it....thanks for reading :) and please reply with your opinions thanks xx


Christine - November 11

I think that it sounds pretty cool..You both get to go through it together and share things for the children...good luck..and good luck to your mom too...


W - November 11

Wow I really admire your story, i think it is soo cute. Keep us updated ask ur mum wen her delivery date is, thats mad that!!! Well done x


charlene - November 11

lol i guess it's cool but takes alot for me to get used too my delivery date is april 22nd hers is april 11th its scary to think that me and my mum together in the situation also we have the same midwife now which is abit mad she had someone different but my midwife said she'll carry on seeing my mum too still cant get my head around it as it was not long ago since i found out...i'll get used too the idea because we're both near enough the same dates and we know what each others going through..but thanks for your replys i will keep you informed :)


charlene - November 11

see its people like that who spoil it we all thought we got rid of it but its swarming about AGAIN! get a life looser this is a serious forum and i post here for people to listen to my storys and give me advice on what i dont yet know...and for idiots like them the site will end up gettin taken off and i think this site is a great help of support so please dont ruin it :( :(


why bother - November 11

Why would you want to remove someones whole thread, due to a stupid person, cant you just ignore her, it seems she is bothering you the most. I am pretty upset, of all the threads that got removed yesterday, because I cant follow up on them anymore. your just as obsessed if you are just following that person around and posting all types of profanity, to get threads removed. am sure charlene dont want her thread gone


o - November 11

oops, that first sentence was to read "that b___h's POST", not thread. i was referrin 2 "......"/".,.,.,..," --- it's the same person.


Christine - November 12

Charlene good thats a close one huh...I dont know how I would of felt if it was my mom but I agree it would take time to get used to..Keep us updated..for it is interesting...and O...just ignore the threads...eventually whoever it is will get tired of not getting any attentions and stop.



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