Measuring Ahead

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Jill - November 1

Drs. say I am measuring 2 weeks ahead (I'm almost 37 weeks) and could be headed for a 9 - 9 1/2 pound baby. Anyone else measure ahead, and if so, what were the final results. I'm going in for another u/s next week.


jen - November 1

holy big baby.. do some keegle excersise and make sure they ma__sage you,, help its stretch..... goodluck....


lacy - November 1

hey- i'm a diabetic, and in week 32. My baby is measuring in the 55th percentile. keep us updated- I'll probably be right there with ya in a few more weeks! good luck!


jena - November 1

from what I've heard and seen, a lot of times ultrasound weight guesses are wrong - but I don't like to believe so. It seems like if you are still measuring really big next week that they will (or should, in my opinion!) induce you so you can give birth with fewer risks of complications that big babies bring. good luck and congratulations!


t - November 1

my dr said they have only been off by a couple oz when they figure weight of baby from ultrasounds


Dustie - November 2

My baby is in the 68th percentile at 30 weeks, weighing 3lb 14 oz. My DH was 9 lbs & his Dad was 12 lbs. I pray I don't have a huge baby! Good Luck all!


mom to be - November 2

since 28 weeks i myself have been measuring 3 more weeks then i actaully am .... in 10 days my belly grew 1 1/2 inches plus i put on 3 your dr told u mine is telling me the same a "BIG BABY"...keep in touch Jill...let me know if u end up having an inductiion or have the baby early....and good luck !!


mom to be - November 2

OBTW i am 33 weeks now and i go to my next appt on monday i can just imagine what i will be measuring then ... i figure 35-36 ....WOW !!


Jodie - November 2

Ultrasounds can be off by around about a pound either way in late pregnancy


mom of 4 - November 2

my first one was big so they induced me early...she was over 9 pounds and came 10 days other ones were normal definitely do not want to carry to 40 weeks then because you risk c section


Jill - November 14

Just wanted to let you all know that if I haven't had baby by this weekend, they will induce me. Ultrasound showed that baby was about 8 lbs. 3 oz. at the end of my 37th week. Thanks for all your advice!



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