Measuring Big

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meg318 - November 24

I am 24 weeks pregnant and at my last office visit my doctor told me that I am measuring big. He scheduled an ultrasound for next month. Should I be concerned?


Christine - November 24

Maybe...could mean twins...or too much amniotic fluid...which is nothing too much to worry about (so I hear) never experienced it...a lot of woman measure larger than they should from what it seems though these are just things I have may just be having a big baby...good luck


Mellissa - November 24

He may just want to see if his original prediction of the due date was off. If the baby looks perfectly proportional (meaning that he/she is developing normally) than it could be that you're farther along than you thought. His measurements may also be off and he just wants to be sure it's not human (read: HIS!) error when he measured. Double-checking on the ultrasound could just show him that his measurements are off and that you are indeed, developing normally for 24weeks. Sometimes babies are bigger (and so are you!) when gestational diabetes is an issue (something that can effect pregnant women) however, to diagnose this your doctor would have ordered a glucose test so this is obviously not what he believes to be the problem. Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor when he orders a test and you don't know why. You aren't a piece of meat and anything done to your body or your baby warrants you getting full information. Call him and ask him why he ordered it and he'll likely give you the rea__surance you need. All the best!


nbp - November 26

it probally is just that the measure ments aren't adding up. my due date was supose to be december 7th at first then he said that i had an awfully big baby for being due on that time, later another sonigram showed that he was due the 15th of november, and now i am going to be induced, because he said that the baby is over 7 pounds and its the 25th


amy louise - January 30

ok i had my son 10 1/2 months ago and now im 11 1/2 weeks pregnant but my uterus is measuring at 15 cud it be that i just had my son?


Ren26 - January 30

I measured big and my baby ended up weighing 10 lbs 12 oz when he was born at 38 weeks. They thought my 2nd child was almost just as big but they were wrong. I wouldn't let it worry you right now.


Ren26 - January 30

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