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Jamie - October 29

I know someone who is pregnant and they are on WIC and have medicaid. But i know for a fact that they are still smoking weed and drinking. Does medicaid not test for drugs?


Tiffany - October 29

no they dont test for drugs. They go by your income.


Kayla - October 29

Public Aid/Medicaid probably wouldn't care anyway.. to them, if the baby dies, that's just less they have to pay for. WIC doesn't test either but they really do care - they try to keep mothers from drinking and smoking and all that, but no testing.


jb - October 29

Neither test for drugs. I would make a anonymous report to the child abuse registry in your state once the baby is born. Then those issues can be addressed by child protection. They cannot do a thing about it until the baby is born. Child protection has no juristdiction over a fetus.


Maggie to Kayla - October 29

I really don't appreciate you saying that medicaid doess't care about dead babies, because dead babies means paying for less. I am a 24 year old masters student, as is my husband. Since we are in school, we cannot afford health insurance. I have a very caring obgyn, who treats me the same way as every other pregnant woman he sees (no matter insurance or income). No insurance does drug tests, so do all insurance companies want dead babies?!? Do all of us a favor, think before you post... and try to filter out the things that could frighten, sadden or otherwise unnecessarily upset a pregnant woman. Maybe you didn't consider that every type of woman would be on this site, or maybe you just stereotyped that a medicaid recipient could afford the internet. Either way, shame on you for not being respectful. Yes, just call DHS and report the drug abuse during pregnancy.


Jbear - October 30

Of course Medicaid would care, babies born to drug users and alcoholics often have signifigant health problems and are more expensive to care for. The problem is that they can't do anything about it. As long as abortion is legal, no laws can really be made to protect the fetus from its mother. Medicaid can't test for drugs, anyhow. Some clinics test all of their pregnant patients for drug use, without the mother's knowledge, but even if they find something they can't do anything about it. I know because when I was pregnant with my first, I noticed the doctors' att_tudes at the clinic I was using suddenly changed toward me. I couldn't figure out why, and so once when the doctor left the room with my file pulled up on the computer, I read it and saw that they thought I was using meth. I wasn't, of course...I was taking sudafed for a cold and that messed up the test results...but I hadn't even known they were testing me for that.


me - October 30

don't you think if medicaid didn't care then they would offer to pay for abortions?????



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