Medicaid And Getting Tubes Tied

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Mechelle - June 24

Hey everyone, i'm new here. I am 12 wks pregnant. I have 3 little ones and one on the way. I want to get my tubes tied, but i just got approved for medicaid today so haven't had a chance to ask a dr. yet if medicaid pays for that or an approx. price on it. Does anyone here have any information? Thanks!


Jbear - June 24

I believe Medicaid will pay for you to have your tubes tied. I told my doctor at my first appointment that I wanted my tubes tied after this baby. I'm pretty sure he would have told me if Medicaid didn't pay for it. If you think about it, it's a lot cheaper for Medicaid to pay for your tubes being tied than to pay for another pregnancy, right?


Cincymom - June 25

I agree with that. It's cost effective to get the procedure done if you are finished having children. Number 3 is it for me and I am definitely getting a tubal. I'm not sure about prices but Medicaid covers it in Ohio depending on age and number of children. Something like 3 kids and under 25 and 25 no matter how many kids. A doctor will know. Ask him/her. I'm sure it varies from state to state.


mechelle - June 26

Thanks ladies. I go to the Dr. next week (finally). So hopefully they will have the definate answers. Yeah i thought #3 was it for me too, but 4 decided to pop up on me:) So i'm gonna go with a more effective birth control!!!!


Jbear - June 26

It's going to be so nice never having to worry about birth control again! I'm tempted to make my husband get a vasectomy, too, to be extra safe.


mel - June 26

my medicaid was good for two months after i had my baby, so i would a__sume that if you got your tubes tied within two months they would cover it.


JGalpin - June 28

Im on #4 and my husband said that he was going to get a vac. done after #3. Yeah, just dont wait for them to make the appointment cause it will never happen. #3 was born 8 wks early and I told him that I didnt want to deal with the NICU situation again. Well, I had to have my cervix st_tched shut with this one to make sure she wasnt born so early. My dd it Sept.1st and they are going to let me have her anytime after Aug. 1st. I signed the papers at my fist appointment with this one to have my tubes tied. Medicaid pays for it in the state of South Dakota but, they only carry you on Medicaid 6wks after the birth of your baby and with the medical here your tubal papers have to be signed 6 wks before you have the procedure done.


~Ash~ - June 28

Here in Oregon you have to be 21 years old for them to cover that procedure.



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