Medication While Pregnant

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Amber - April 1

what kind of allergy medicin is ok to take while pregnant.


jodi - March 16

i was told that ant tylenol product was ok including tylenol allergy as well as benedryl


amanda Medication while pregnant - March 31

what kind of cold medicine is ok to take while pregnant.


Rita - March 31

I would check with your health care provided before taking any kind of allergy medication, as some have been proven to cause birth defects.


tanya - April 1

can I take Trazadone while I am pregnant to help me sleep at night because I don't sleep at night ever all I do is toss and turn with no sleep and no rest.


santana - February 20

what kind of medication is ok to take while pregnant?


Maleficent - February 20

ask your dr for a list of safe medications. you could also call the pharmacy, they might know. sudafed, tylenol, and robitussin have always been on my ok list from my dr.


Marissa - May 6

I have a cold and bronchial issues,I am 10weeks can I take Mucinex


ANDREA - May 26



enormous tummy - May 26

I was told different things by different medical professionals. I was told Allegra was okay, then I was told it definitely was not okay. I was told that Sudafed was fine, though. I was also told that Claritin is fine. Has anyone heard anything about Allegra and Sudafed?


Rhetta - May 26

Hi Amber. I was told by my OB/GYN that Sudafed is safe to take during pregnancy and works well too!!!


Julie - May 27

I have a printout from my doctor and she is with a great practice for a huge hospital and it says Benadryl, Sinutab and Sutafed are fine to take. This is from University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH.


LESLIE - June 9

I am 31 weeks and not sleeping I was told to take benedryl. Is it ok to take benedryl and how much should I take to get some sleep!


Lauren - June 9

Hi has anyone taken Zofran 4 mg for severe morning sickness, i am taking it but kinda worried!


dorothy - July 6

i have a odor on my private but i wash alot what should i take to get it clean


Lauren - July 7

I have severe allergies and I take Allegra 180 once a day. My Dr. said that there would be no problems with it at all.


lynnstress - July 7

I was already taking a generic Claritin (Wal*Mart brand, 60-count bottle costs about $12) and was told it was ok to continue. My drs told me that Claritin, Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton and Sudafed were all ok. When my allergies really kicked up in May, I asked what else I could take, and told the dr that I had sound online that Flonase and Zyrtec were ok to take. He said sure, so I said write me an Rx for more Flonase! It's been so much better since then, because I have indoor and outdoor allergies.



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