Medicaton While Pregnant

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TinyLea - March 4

I was wondering if any one knows anything about bacterial vaginosis? I started getting these infections one week after my BF and I had unprotected s_x for the first time. I went to the doc and they prescribed metronidazole. It would go away but as soon as I would have unprotected s_x with my BF it would come right back. Well, I kept telling my doc that it only comes back when I have unprotected s_x with my boyfriend and he told me that it's not possible to get BV from a man. So, now I'm bugging out because I never got these infections before him. Well, I am 4 months pregnant now and I afraid to have unprotected s_x with him. I had BV when I was 4 weeks so they gave me something called Cleocin, I took it and the infection went away. That was in December, We have been using condoms since, and guess what, I haven't gotten BV at all, everything is back to norma. I would like to know what it is that could cause me to get BV from him when my doc tells me it's not possible? If I wasn't getting them from him I would have continued to get them, even with the use of condoms, right? I am confused because I never had this problem until I had u/p s_x with him and now that we use a condom, the problem is gone....... Any advice, What could be wrong with him? We've been tested and there are no STD's being transmitted between us....


Billie - March 4

I too suffer from BV after s_x. They told me that if you get a lot of repeat infections, then your man can be treated with antibiotics eventhough he has no symptoms. My husband and I use condoms too because I heard that BV can cause preterm labor.


blah-blah - July 21

sometimes the males sperm causes our body to get unbalanced, and when our coochie get's unbalaced it can cause certain things to stop preducing, for an example... bacteria that our coochie needs...



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