Medicine While Pregnant

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Leann0814 - May 15

I didn't find out I was pregnant until the beginning of my third trimester. I had been smoking, and taking vicoprofren(vicodin) and sometimes tylenol pm. Have I done any permanent or serious damage?


1Sttimemomy - May 16

have you been to the doctor and had an ultrasound done or any other test ?you best bet is to be honest with your doctor because if you didn't know you were pregnant they can't hold that against you .how come you didn't know you were pregnant ?are you sure you are in your third trimester ?when is your due date?i will pray for you and your baby i hope you have a happy,healthy pregnancy and baby.congrats...!!! please respond i want to see how you are doing.


Leann0814 - May 16

Oh my gosh, I just read my question I meant to say the second trimester. I'm just now 14 weeks. I can't believe I wrote that, I was reading your response and i'm like .................Oh geeze!!!!!!!!!!!! I have talked to my doc, she said I shouldn't stress out, I don't drink I did quit smoking and taking the vicodin and I was just wondering if anyone had any input. Thank you 1 Stimemomy, your comments mean a lot to me and I would still love to keep in touch with you.


mommietobe - May 17

I have taken tylenol 3 with codeine since my second trimester due to a displaced pelvis. There are risks with any kind of narcotics, but I'm sure you are fine. I took tylenol pm the last half of my pg with my first son , with my midwife's permission, so try to relax, your DR. will do all the usual tests, and I'm sure baby is doing great. Wow, what a surprise, you didn't find out till 14 wks. Congrats!


1Sttimemomy - May 17

i asked my doc at the begining of my pregnancy if i could take tylenol pm and he said it was fine as long as you don't take more than recommended .b/c i don't have the ability to fall asleep on my own i will stay up for 4 days and then only get like 3 hours of sleep it sucks.2 of my friends were prescribed vicodine while pregnant for headaches the doctor said as long as it is taken only as needed and not in the last trimester then it was ok .b/c in the last trimester it could affect the way lung developement and the baby can become addicted to it .i am still trying to quit smoking and i am 24wks pregnant .i am possitive everything is ok .talk to you later.have a wonderful day.bye


Leann0814 - May 17

thank you so much for the input. i was only taking the vicodin for backpain, but I've drastically cut back, and the, well that's tough because I to have a hard time sleeping, but I'll be fine. The smoking has been the hardest though.


Lynne - May 18

Tylenol pm is safe to take during pregnancy, I am glad you have stopped smoking. Congrats on your pregnancy.


Steph - May 18

Taking Tylenol PM is not going to hurt your baby, my doc recommends it if you are having insomnia. (just not taking it every night) Also, plenty of women smoke and have fine babies as well as women who smoke who have issues with their children. So that one's kind of 50/50. Hopefully you've quit smoking now that you've found out?? The vicodin I'm not quite sure about. What did your doc say about it?



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