Medicines And Possible Pregnancy

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Jordan - October 28

Hi. I need advice. I take medicines on a regular basis. Some of these medicines are not to be taken IF you are pregnant. I think it's too soon for me to test (period 3 wk away). What do I do? Do I "think pregnant" or keep taking my medicines until I get a test result? I want a healthy baby!!!! HELP!


Holly - October 28

I would say it depends on what the meds are. Birth control=lose them. Ask your doctor and he/she can tell you exactly what to do... they are always very helpful to me!


Umm........ - October 28

If you think you are pregnant and the medication says not to be taken if pregnant. . . . .well this is a pretty easy one!


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 28

I would wait until you get a positive. It does depend on what you are taking. Most things, even if should not be taken while pregnant will not have any effects on baby til further along, and if they are medications you need, you should not risk your health in the meantime. Or call a doc or nurse and ask their opinion. I take prilosec daily for acid reflux, when I found out I was pregant the nurse said I should probably not take it, but doc said no problem to continue. My 2 month old is healthy.


Becky - October 28

I saw somewhere that very little of what you do before your first missed period will harm your baby. I believe this is because the placenta doesn't form right at conception, it comes a little later. I take Prozac, and my doctor said that she'd rather have me continue it for my sake, since I need to be happy during the pregnancy, and the risk of side effects are pretty low. My opinion: I'd consider how dangerous the drug is to the baby. If very, maybe I'd stop it, but if not much, I'd continue.


Jbear - October 30

If your period is 3 weeks away, why do you think you might be pregnant? Most people get pregnant 2 weeks before their period is due. As far as your medicines, like everyone said, ask your doctor. Maybe the doctor could do a blood test for pregnancy, which could be done much sooner than a urine test.



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