Men And Pregnancy

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special girl - July 6

Is it p___sible for men to experience some symptoms fi he is the father of the unborn baby?


J - July 6

I don't think so. I guess they can develop sympathy symptoms but I really don't think so


jb - July 6

Any symptoms they do develope would be psychosymatic. Which means it is all in their heads. But it can happen, its usually called "sympathy pains".


Jbear - July 7

It's possible for a man to develop symptoms in sympathy to yours. It's common enough that there's a name for it--couvade. I read that it affects up to 80% of expectant fathers, but it doesn't affect very many of them very severely. My husband only has one of my symptoms...b___hiness ;-)


Sarah - July 7

Yes, it is possible. The entire time that I suffered morning sickness, my husband was sick and vomiting too. We couldn't figure it out until we read about couvade.


BBK - July 7

So far I only have one of them: "sympathy" snacking which led to "sympathy weight gain". :-)


JLorenzo - July 7

I didn't have anything my wife had except being eternally grateful it wasn't me going through the changes! Of course, I never let her know that!


E - July 7

LOL BBK!! Sympathy snacking is the best. You have to be supportive, right?


toes - July 7

I'm not sure if these were sympathy pains or not, but it sure was odd that if my wive was having a bad day, I sure as heck wasn't having fun of any sort.


Lynn - July 7

I have read somewhere that sometimes the men do experience the symtoms and I think some do. I know for me my husband tend to be nauseated when I was :0


Shelly - July 7

My hubby also gained weight,and for any other symptoms;i wouldn't even want to know about it.Most of the time when i'm dealing with 10 discomforts,aches and pains that are preg related he has something too,but in my mind it can't be as bad as what i'm going through right?


Christina - July 7

I hear ya Shelly!! My hubby also has 10 complaints for my 10 as well!! LOL!


KrisD - July 7

My husband has been so forgetful and absent-minded lately.... All after I keep telling him how absent-minded this pregnancy is making me. He left our giant left-over pizza box on top of the car in the middle of the driveway overnight a few weeks ago, he went to work and left the refigerator door open on the hottest day of the year, thus destroying all the food in it (I came home to my cat lapping up melted b___ter off the floor), and then he put on the AC full blast with all the windows open. He says he has a lot on his mind.... Who's the pregnant one here???


Shelly - July 7

LOL,i tell you,MEN,...sigh...what can i say? If i have a headache he has a migraine,if i have a cold, he has the flu, do i need i need to go on? What really irritaded me was almost 2 weeks ago i had been complaining about not being able to sleep.I can't get comfortable,if i finally do i have to get out to pee and than it starts all over again.Besides that baby has the habit of kicking me till 12:30 -1:00 am. Well,we had an early appointment the next day,i had to get up at like 6:00 am and you know what he says? "since we have to get up early in the morning you may want to go sleep early................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geeeez,IF I COULD GO SLEEP EARLY I WOULD DO THAT,men can get brainless sometimes!!!!!!!



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