Mental Preparedness For Pregnancy Amp Childbirth

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Nafisa - April 18

Hi, I seem to have a unique problem as far as pregnancy and babies are concerned. I am physically quite allright but I just don't have the mental resilience to face childbirth. I already have a son who was delivered normally, as a matter of fact I was quite bold during the labour and actual birth. Now I'm planning another one but I'm plagued by fears even before I've conceived. I keep thinking of labour pain, painful br___ts, trauma of C section or the placenta not coming out after a normal birth etc. In fact the more I read about preparing for pregnancy the more apprehensive I feel. in other words I'm so beseiged by negative thoughts that I hesitate to get pregnant. During my first pregnancy I was doing fine for the first 8 months, until I went on Maternity leave & read a lot of c__p which caused my BP to increase and gave rise to complications. Though the actual birth was alright I complicated things for myself and my baby. Even though my son is nearly 4 and is a healthy child each time I look at him I cannot help but feel guilty for all the trauma I caused him in the womb. I love him and I want atleast 1 more child but I cannot understand how I can have a smooth pregnancy and birth if I continue to think negatively and complicate things. Can someone please help me?


r - April 18

Maybe you should see a shrink to overcome your mental issues.


jena - April 18

i have found that reading too much is very distressing. when i am reading about possible complications, problems, etc. i stress, and when i stray from those articles/books, i feel much better. i think you need to just concentrate on your son and not the possibilities of problems, and your anxiety will decrease. GL!!


MizNusty - April 18

Maybe you should look into adoption. Another pregnancy might get you to actin all crazy and a fool and you could scare your 4yr old for life.



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