Mental Retardation What Are The Chances

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Leahp - March 26

So my inlaws are in town for Easter and my mother-in-maw brought up how her mother is mentally retarded but since she's adopted she doesn't know all the details other than they think that she is retarded because of the sperm donor having Gonorrea, she was also saying how my husband could be a carrier and we should have the amnio test done!!!! My husband and I are very worried now!!! We're only 26 and healthy! Plus it's his grandmother, there's been two generations of normal children. Him and his sister are fine!!! Should I be worried, my family history is immaculate beside things like br___t cancer!! I'm so worried now!! What are my chances of our baby being mentally retarded???


BBK - March 26

Leahp that makes no sense. There has been retardation asociated with herpes, but Gonorrhea? No way! The only risk to newborns from Gonorrhea is that if the mother has it, it can affect their eyes. Also amniocentecis can detect chromosomal disorders -- such as Down's syndrome, structural defects -- such as spina bifida and many rare, inherited metabolic disorders....but nothing caused by gonorrhea!! LOL. And if your husband could not be an asymptomatic carrier... only women are known to be asymptomatic with Gonorrhea. In men you'd know in 5 to 11 days if you had it.... and it could be painful! You can ask your pract_tioner, but I'm pretty sure he'll tell you the same. So don't worry, and congratulations!


Maleficent - March 26

i wouldn't worry. retardation can be caused by lots of things, many of which are NOT genetic. if anything, you could have your DH do a genetic work up. i wouldn't subject myself or my baby to an amnio based on some pa__sing comment from my MIL.


monica - March 28

Hi leah Remember me? I wouldnt worry too much. I am sure you are at low risk but nothing is 100% unless you have a amnio at this point. U/S and blood work can only tell you what your risk are. Please dont worry about this as the majority of babies are born healthy.


Colleen - March 28

I have a sister who is mentally retarded and while my doctor asked a lot of questions about her retardation, he does not think that I have a higher chance. His opinion is that retardation could be caused by a lot of non genetic factors. He did not recommend amnio


Leahp - March 29

Thanks you so much ladies for your suppport, I got on here through out the weekend to ease my mind!! But my husband and I did our research and found out it's a fragile X disorder and that there's no way he could be a carrier since he only has one X. Women are the main carriers since they have two x's, confusing!! But we also found out that if a daughter comes out mentally retarded it is rarely from genetics since the father would have to have the disorder and the mother would have to be a carrier so a lot of these cases happen for reasons other than genes!! So we felt a lot better, now it's just getting over the anger that I feel towards my husbands sister and mother for bringing up such a morbid subject and then not knowing what the #%*@ they're talking about!! I don't think they understand what kind of stress they just put me through!


Lynne - March 29

It is unbelievable what people will talk about when you're pregnant. Just like when they start talking about being in labor for 30 hours or episiotomies of about 20 inches... That's like my husband always jokes about growing up in Canada, goind to school up hill.... both ways...! LOL


Leahp - March 29

Hi Monica! I wanted to say hello and to see how your pregnancy is progressing, did you ever get your last results? I have been having a great time with my doppler! Found the HB at the doctor's right away and he taught me the ropes and once I got home I could find our bambino right away!! It has been great! Now I just need to get past this worrisome of my baby having a disorder. Sure there's nothing to be done now, for I would never give up the baby, but pregnancy alone can be such a worrisome time!!! I have never felt so out of control of my own body in my whole life!!


monica - March 29

hi leah I totally understand, not sure if you remember me telling you about Nuchual translucency at 12 weeks of my pregnancy. At first the doctor had put me at high risk for having a child with DS. But my after the second NT and blood test I came back at low risk. My afp is came back normal and my 20 week u/s all looked normal too. I am having a boy by the way. So, so far so good. I can feel my baby move now so I dont need to hear the doppler too much anymore. Have you felt the baby yet?


Leahp - March 29

Hi Monica! I'm at 15 weeks so I'm waiting for the moment! I'm sure I'll get rid of the doppler this next month, I'm sure feeling the baby move is so amazing! I'm so glad to hear everything has come out normal, I've never heard of Nuchual translucency??? Is it something found in your early on bloodwork, I was wondering if they would be able to tell anything at all from my bloodwork, because everything turned out good since they never called. No news is good news!


monica - March 29

Leah, yes no news is good news. The NT test is an Ultrasound where they measure the back of the baby neck. the wider the measurement the higher you are at risk for DS. It can only be done between 12-14 weeks before its too early after that its too late. feeling your baby move is so incredible. its the best feeling. You should be feeling your baby move in the next week or so.



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