Messy After Sex

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nem - October 28

hi, i was wondering if i pee after s_x will it hurt my chances of pregnancy, and if so how do you propose just going to sleep or going on to whatever after it is over, the mess is too much, i can't go around leaking and should i wipe it all off, or will my chances of pregnancy drop? really confused and concerned


hi nem - October 28

majority of the sperm stay in the v____a after s_x because when a man comes he shoots it straight up giving the sperm a head start. i have got 5 children and after s_x with all of them i went straight to the toilet to clean my self up, i know that because i cannot go to bed soaking wet. you should also remember that every time a man comes he ejaculates millions of sperm and it only takes one to conceive good luck.


E - October 28

I was always weary of peeing after s_x b/c so much falls out. I know there are still sperm left to swim but I was so desperate for a baby that I did not want to spare any. I ended up with a couple of UTI's from that choice. It is better to pee for that reason alone.


Jodie - October 28

I was worried about the same thing. I was so wet on the outside i was so worried they all came out. Then when istood up more leaked out. A guy only ejacks. a couple teaspoon fulss so after all thats on the outside and leaks out how much could really still be in there?


Angela - October 29

I too went to the restroom after every time my boyfriend and I had s_x, and was on the pill. So, chances are still good of getting pregnant even if you pee after s_x. I never liked the mess either!!!!!


For nem - October 30

You need not give any thought about decreasing you chances of getting pregnant if you go pee after having s_x. You got millions of sperm in you at that point and it only takes one of them to do the job. Pee all you want.


Mellissa - October 30

Actually, the white, nasty stuff that we have all had to wipe off of our legs after it ran down them (I know, yuk) is not the sperm, it's just the vessel the male body uses to transport the sperm from his p___s into you. The sperm stick inside your v____a and begin their journey towards your cervix's tiny hole and the rest of the liquid just drips out and makes a cold, wet mess until you get it all sopped up. (What we women have to go through...LOL!) You are always supposed to urinate after s_x, trying to get pregnant or not, because failure to do so causes bladder infections. During s_x, his p___s pushes germs inside you, whether from himself or your surroundings and it causes infection. Your v____a does a pretty good job at protecting you and keeping you clean but urinating after s_x helps dispel any further germs that may lead to infection. Bladder infections can become more frequent during pregnancy and must be treated immediatly as they can cause pre-term labour. In other words, as long as he is ejaculating inside you, it doesn't matter if you do cartwheels across the room afterwords. Once the sperm are in there, they're on their way and yucky stuff dripping out is just a reminder of your romp in the hay. Good luck.


anafiel - November 1

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