Methaphetamines And Pregnet Anyone Else

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Crazey_Diana - August 18

I was smoking a large amount of meth right before I found out I was pregnet. I used the forst month as well. I had no idea I was pregnet. I also sat through various cemical stages during the process of producing meth. I did not fond out I was pregnet untill I was 5 weeks. The baby I am caring now has been exposed to so many different and harmfull chemicals. My boyfriend tols me he was fixed and could not have any children. I am 31 this is my first pregnancy. I never wanted children and all ways made sure not to get pregnet. I still want to use sometimes. I want this child but at the same time I am angery that I wont be able to do what I want. The baby first then me. Then I am happy and over joyed at being pregnet. Has any one out there ever used meth during a pregnancy? Any drug? My weight is great I eat and sleep all the time. Before I would go 3 to 7 days with out sleep even during my first month that I didn't know I was pregnet.


Steph - August 18

I am not going to judge you on your choices to do meth, while you are not pregnant, and I am quite sure that when you were first pregnant, you did not know and continued about your way. I have never done meth, and never would/will. It does not matter if your weight and sleep are fine, you need to stop putting that chemical in your body while you are pregnant/b___stfeeding and while you are a mother. Meth is a horrible drug that ruins lives and kills the spirits and lives of many children and adults. I sincerely hope that you get some help and if you are not ready to have a child, then you need to give it up for adoption if you are going to continue on with your drug habit after your birth. Don't screw up the child with you meth habit. You wouldn't want people walking around giving newborns drano, bleach, and other household products in their bottles would ya? If you continue to do meth while you are pregnant, which I don't know if you are or not, you are causing horrible defects in your child. Advice to you, get prenatal vitamins from your doctor, be honest with him/her and let them know everything that you have done while you are pregnant and get some help.


help - August 18

This should be enough to get you to stop. Read this: Babies exposed to meth while in the womb are at risk of being born prematurely and suffering from stroke before birth, Shah said. In the first 12 to 24 hours after birth, they might have seizures, and in the first month they might develop serious heart and respiratory problems. "Those babies that survive this kind of catastrophe," Shah said, continue to struggle. "Beyond the first month of life, they show signs of brain toxicity." Meth babies might sleep 23 hours out of the day, and their bodies might be limp like a "dish rag," Shah said. They might have rapid breathing and trouble swallowing and sucking. They might experience shaking of the extremities and have a high-pitched cry, similar to the cry of crack babies. Meth babies don't like to be touched, Shah said. It's a symptom shared by adults using meth. The aversion to touch typically lasts until a child is 3 or 4 years old but might continue. Children 2 and older might have problems with their speech, and they're at increased risk for hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. At ages 3 and 4, they might begin exhibiting unprovoked fits of anger. Meth does not cause mental retardation like that seen in children born to mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy, Shah said. Unless these children suffer a stroke, "the majority of these kids are indistinguishable from other children." Her research indicates that meth use continuing throughout pregnancy will cause the most damage to babies, Shah said.


Evy - August 18

" want this child but at the same time I am angery that I wont be able to do what I want. " While I appreciate your honesty, this is not the time to think about how you won't be able to use. It is the time to think about rehabilitation. You got pregnant for a reason (against all odds) and this is a gift. God is giving you a wake up call. Please take it. Meth is a horrible drug and you are slowly killing your brain, your potential, your health. This baby is here to save your health and your future. Please think about turning your life around for your sake and the sake of your child. If you can't, then at least stop while pregnant and then give the baby up for adoption. Always remember, this little life growing inside of you did not ask to be born with defects from this drug. He is the one who will have to live with damage to his brain and body for the rest of his life. It is an innocent bystander who needs you to protect him and set the good example. Dig deep inside of you now and try you best to give the greatest gift of all: LIFE...and a healthy one at that.


to crazy - August 18

This is the site that says it cause neurological damage to the fetus after the very first hit...take out the dashes (-), and check it out!


Ariana - August 18

It is true that the first few months are the most important in terms of brain/organ development. Please talk to your doctor and be as honest as possible with your using. He/She will be able to advise you best.


Hi - August 18

Have you seen a dr? do you even know if the baby is ok? It is the time to think about will you be able to use. Because if you are what's the point of even carrying to term?


To Name From Crazey_Diana - August 18

Please tell how you found this info on meth babies. I would very much like to read it myself. Thankyou for not judging me or putting me down. I am scared. I should be. I did this to my self. I am crying right now for my baby. Motherhood will change a person. I have been using drugs hard (Herion for 10 years, methadone, cocaine, crack, freebase, pot, prescription abuse, and others ) for 15 years. Nothing ever gave me the will to want to stop. Now I have a desire to not use again. I don't know how I will feel after the baby is born. I need to trust myself. Thank you


to crazy - August 18

I went to and typed in 'meth and pregnancy', and it'll give you a bunch of site to check out. Maybe this is a sign that it is time for you to get out of the crowd you are in...or if you dont want to raise your baby, place it for adoption. Either way, you have used for quite a while, and used very addictive substances, if you decide to carry to term you need to get help as soon as you wake up tomorrow. Call your doctor, take yourself to a psyatric facilitiy, and get yourself together for the next 8 months, and hopefully rest of your life.


anyone else??? - August 21

did anyone hear about the woman who went to jail for murder because she used while b___stfeeding and her baby died of an overdose from the chemicals that came out of the milk... i dont remember if it was just local news... but i do remember when it happened. so i'd say it can be harmful at any time


Please read-Hope it helps D - August 21

Diana-it sounds like your ready to start changing your lifestyle and you already have. There are programs out there to help pregnant drug users. In Seattle, there is even a rehab for women with children, and there babies get to live with them. Get yourself checked in. I have been raising my fiancee's neice for the past year and a half since she was 6-months old. The mother used heavily while pregnant. She shot up the entire time till she found out (at 2 MONTHS) and even afterwards. I'm not sure how often. She also smoked cigarettes. The baby was actually born healthy (who knows what will go down when she's 12, but I'm ready). She has now caught up to her age's developmental level after HARD work, but her problems were due to lack of attention, stimulation and motherly love, which can directly be linked to the drug. I'm sure your baby is FINE, especially if youv'e stopped using drugs. DON'T use this info about my babe as reason to continue. If you keep using, you won't care for her when she's born. 5 weeks is REALLY early, if you HAVE stopped and the Dr. confirms that baby is fine at this point, you have nothing to worry about. Look deep within yourself and figure out if you really want and are ready (or willing to get ready) to give your life to this child. GOOD LUCK!!


Jess - August 26

I have to be honest with you, with my first child I used meth every day until I found out I was pregnant (2nd month) yet I still used a couple of times, I still ate, took my vitamin and slept. I slowly had to quit, and I did. My baby was healthy but that was luck! Imagine if it had been otherwise. Just for those brief moments of that high, my baby would of paid the price of his/her lifetime as well as a constant reminder to me of how I failed it as a parent.



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