Metro Gel

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love - December 27

hi i was wondering if metro gel va___ally can interfere with conceiving? Ive already ovulated and Im due for my period in10 days. I was wondering if anyone used metrogel while pregnanct or trying?


connie - December 28

Hi love, I have not used metro gel, but I have used Astroglide. I don't believe it has any affect of the sperm or conception as is just a very slick lubricant, as close to the female natural cervial mucus. I really doubt it would hinder anything, even if it is a gel. Once the sperm are released within the ca___l and are in contact with your own ovulatory cervical mucus, they should have been fine to swim upstream, lol :) I a__sume you ttc during ovulation and not after? (you had written that you have already ovulated.) Just a tip: your chances of concieveing are better if you ttc 5 to 1 day(s) before ovulation, as sperm can live in the womens body up to 5 days. Obviously, doing it the day before is your best bet! Pleeease keep us posted :)


connie - December 28

sorry, i meant "it is as close to the natural female cervical mucus (not cervial, there is no such thing, lol) as you can get." I also left out the last four of my thought that make the sentence make sense :) Sorry.


connie - December 28

oops again! "the last four WORDS of my thought........ :)


love - December 28

hi connie! Thanks for your comments. I am triyinh ttc. I did have s_x before I ovulated. Ive been trying for 4 months and I just turned 23. Metrogel is for bacterial vaginosis and I hope it doesnt interfere. I do have to take the medicine to get better.


connie - December 28

Hi love, Sorry, I a__sumed metrogel was a brand of v____al lubricant. I need to use one quite often because sometimes I have v____al dryness. Knowing that it is a medication, I am not sure if it would interfere or not, you may want to ask your ob/gyn. Because it does kill bacteria, it may have an effect on sperm, but I am only speculating. I hope not though. Again, please let me know what you find out and if this is the month that you conceive!


love - December 28

hi connie! Ever since ive been with my man I get bv and its frustrating for both of us. I hope it will end soo. The doctors have no answers for me. I decided to have s_x with condoms for at least 6 weeks until I can restore the flora in my v____a. I hope all goes well. Do you have any children


to love - December 29

i get recurring bacterial vaginosis too. the dr. never could explain why. now i am told that i am insulin resistant. maybe you should be checked to see if you have another problem that could be causing this.


Christine - December 29

I also had that problem for a while..hoping it doesnt come back(lol)..I can tell you that condoms did not help the fact...I always used them..actually thought maybe thats where it was coming from(allergy or something) so switched to the sheep skin(very expensive)..didnt help much either...its soo weird...doc told me to stop wearing thongs, tight clothing, drink more water, etc...but I didnt change anything up till I started it, so I figured why would it be all the sudden coming from the normal...oh well..anyways I dont believe it will effect anything...unless of course your using condoms(obviously)...but your not supposed to have s_x while using the gel..good luck


READ THIS!! - July 25

You idiots....MetroGel will cause birth defects. All you have to do is read the box. Do not use while pregnant!!!!


to READ THIS - July 25

You are the idiot. You pulled a thread from DECEMBER. Moron. Everyone has moved on and so should you!


Dusti - August 25

Hi I just found out that I was pregnant and I have a infection and they gave me Metrogel Vaginal. I am scared to use it because I heard it can cause miscarrages. Does any one have any answers for me on whether its save or non save. First Timer



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